Holliday Howe Drops New Song "2000" Featuring Siana Starshine

Sydney-based hyperpop producer & singer-songwriter Holliday Howe (she/her or they/them) releases the first track from her upcoming debut mixtape My Friends Live In My Pocket on Friday 21st October, hot on the heels of an acclaimed set of showcases at BIGSOUND 2022. The track, “2000” finds a nostalgic Holliday & featured vocalist diana starshine pining for friendships lost and unrecoverable childhood innocence. The release is Holliday’s first new music since her 2021 hyperpop belter “Digital Affection” with Himera.

Describing the track, Holliday says, “2000 is about old friendships from days-gone-by. Most of my early childhood memories are from the year 2000. They are still so poignant and clear in my mind. My family was living in McMahons Point in Sydney - which felt like the centre of the world once the Olympics began. There was so much optimism and still so much hope for the new millenium. That hope was within me too. And then life came along - nothing was as pure after that year.”

“I met my closest friends around that time - some I’m still friends with now! Flashforward to 2022 and I’m living around the corner from my old family home - 22 years on from the year 2000 and all my happiest childhood memories. I wanted to pay homage to that year, to those friendships and to the idealism of that time - now bittersweet with hindsight.”

Featured hyperpop veteran diana starshine adds: “​​When Holliday sent me the song, I was super excited to contribute to the feeling of nostalgia and longing. My verse is particularly about losing innocence during the process of growing up, and longing for a simpler time that is impossible to travel to even through the phone and internet.”

My Friends Live In My Pocket is Holliday’s debut mixtape, born out of a sudden move across the world from London to Sydney. It’s both an ode to the friendships we make and sustain online, as well as a farewell to the ones that disintegrate with distance. Holliday says “I moved to London when I was 18 and had no plans to move back to Sydney - until the pandemic pushed me to. Suddenly it became clear which friendships would flourish online and which ones were ultimately meant to fail. With us all being in lockdown and forced to mainly connect in the digital world, I think a lot of people started to see who their ride-or-dies were, and who weren’t. My Friends Live in My Pocket is me saying “I love you” to people I’ve never met irl and saying “get lost” to people who have disconnected.”

Holliday Howe is Sydney’s finest cyber-hyper-popstar, producer and songwriter. A graduate of Goldsmiths’ Bmus Pop Music course, Holliday spent years drinking in the influences of London’s ultra-inventive club scene whilst honing her own particular melancholic brand of hyperpop. Now back in her hometown of Sydney and having showcased at BIGSOUND 2022 to much acclaim, Holliday is poised to take the pop world by storm. Holliday takes her cues from current emerging pop music cultivated by artists such as Charli XCX, Tove Lo and PC Music; twisting heady bangers with shimmering sentimentality. Her tracks including Digital Affection and All Night have featured on Triple J, FBi, The Music, AU Review, Dummy; 20+ editorial playlists across Spotify, Apple, TIDAL & Deezer ( including the coveted Hyperpop playlist), and Holliday has played shows in London, New York, L.A., Chicago, Austin, Sydney, Brisbane & more. With the hyperpop tide now rising in Australia, Holliday is ready to step into the limelight.


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