Here are More Ways to Maximize vivo Y16’s Superb Features!

Now that face-to-face classes are back, students are preparing all their learning essentials – from notebooks to textbooks and other requirements that will make school life easier.

Fortunately, technological innovations such as the vivo Y16 make it possible for students to study better, access important apps, and have all their important school files in one pocket-friendly, affordable device.

Here are some tips and hacks that high school students can check out to get the most of their school life with the vivo Y16:
Develop your time management skills
Manage time wisely and more efficiently by using time management apps, a virtual planner, or simply utilize your phone’s calendar features to effectively manage schoolworks.
While time management may be challenging in itself, vivo assures that you can have all these apps and essential school documents at the palm of your hands. Plot all activities and save reference materials with ease with the vivo Y16’s impressive 4GB + 1GB Extended RAM and 128GB ROM that supports up to 1TB of memory expansion. These specs mean worry-free access to study guides and essential apps for a successful battle against multitasking woes. 
Identify if you’re an early bird or a night owl
Check what time of the day you are most productive. Some students are more energized during the day after a refreshing sleep and with natural light, while some are more motivated to study when it’s quieter and with fewer distractions.
No matter what floats your boat - or gets your assignment done - vivo Y16 can keep up with the demand. Whether you’re in school or at home, the vivo Y16’s 5000mAh battery allows students to watch HD video reviewers for up to 18 hours. Enjoy an uninterrupted collaboration with your classmates and scan through the day’s notes or scroll between websites to get assignments done fast. Audio-learners, on the other hand, can benefit from the 22 hours of insightful podcasts episodes.
Look for study buddies
Having social support is proven to reduce academic stress. Group study sessions are a fun and a light-hearted way to share experiences, insights, references, and high-fives.
Experience immersive and high-quality study sesh through vivo Y16’s 6.51-inch Halo FullViewTM display with HD+ (1600×720) resolution. The screen also features smart brightness adjustment and Eye Protection Mode that reduces harmful blue light to prevent eye strain for a longer review time.
vivo’s Y16 front camera

Take clear and vivid groupfies using vivo Y16’s main rear camera and front camera. Document your late-night study sessions and flex it in your Instagram Reels and Facebook stories with Aura Screen Light.
vivo Y16’s eye-catchy camera modules in Drizzling Gold

Take time to relax
If you find yourself stuck on the same page, take a short break to ease your mind’s tension. Relaxing promotes better concentration and knowledge retention. To make it more fun, add activities to serve as rewards after long hours of scanning seemingly endless paragraphs.
A few giggles from memes, a chapter from your favorite comic or an idle game with your pets may do the trick of increasing the brain’s happy signals. Enjoy quick game time without distractions using vivo Y16’s Multi-turbo 5.5 and Do Not Disturb features. The smartphone also comes in a handy 8.19 mm thick body with 2.5D curvature and a flat frame that makes the phone lightweight, slim, and easy to hold if the game intensifies.

May it be online or face-to-face classes, make sure that you are all set to conquer your high school year with flying colors.

The vivo Y16 is available via vivo’s official  website, Lazada, Shopee, TikTok  shop and through vivo’s offline stores and kiosks nationwide. For more information on vivo’s latest news and updates, please visit vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels.

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