Cadian Studios Pushes Boundaries with World-class Production and Content Creation

Cadian Studios is currently making huge strides as a creative and media agency that pushes the boundaries of storytelling through innovative technology and music production.

Taking pride in working with established record labels in the Philippines (Viva Records, Warner Music, O/C Records) and Web3 brands in Singapore (Imaginary Ones and Imaginary Junior), the talented team of creative strategists, producers, art directors, and sound engineers stand poised in affirming its place with delivering world-class production and content creation.

To date, Cadian Studios has generated millions of earned online media impressions from content produced with brands and artists, something that its 27-year-old founder and CEO Ron Pangyarihan could attest.

Ron Pangyarihan

“Our culture sets us apart from other creative and media agencies,” shares the budding entrepreneur, writer, and music producer. “It is the backbone of our company. Our culture of creativity and collaboration allows us to transform stories into remarkable experiences. We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of putting our clients' ideas into world-class production to create stories that communicate and inspire.”

Aside from overseeing the development and creative executions of the company, Pangyarihan is also passionate about building things that make a positive impact. He writes and creates music for Color The Era, his solo project under Viva Records. 

While Cadian Studios had its share of challenges during its inception, the production agency is fortunate enough to be in a position that allows people to be the best version of themselves.

“One of the biggest challenges we experienced during our first few months was building a good culture from the ground up,” says the young CEO. “Culture impacts the continuity of a company the most. At Cadian Studios, we do not treat people as resources but as humans. Everything we do is a work of art so I know every single piece of content that we produce is made with our hearts. I believe the culture of creativity and collaboration will take us far.”

Few years from now, Cadian Studios aims to be on the frontier of creatives and media, hoping to build a legacy of reputable magnitude to cater to the needs of the industry, despite the ever-changing trends. “We want to work with the greatest storytellers and push the boundaries of storytelling by producing high-quality and remarkable content that impacts people,” Pangyarihan adds.

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