Dayglow Shares Cathartic New Album 'People In Motion'

Dayglow, the artist who has cemented himself as an indie-pop innovator over the last two years, has today dropped his much anticipated new album 'People in Motion' on via AWAL. 
The 10 tracks that craft 'People in Motion', conceptualized, written, played, and produced by Sloan Struble, are delightfully pure, hyper-melodic manifestations of Struble’s desire to steer clear of conflict or drama and offer someone something to love. From the funky and danceable "Second Nature" to the dreamy-pop "Deep End" and first single "Then It All Goes Away", Dayglow delivers cathartic music that resonates with the masses. And in an era of music when most songs take a team of co-writers and producers to create, Dayglow’s music remains uniquely Sloan’s– created solely by him. 

But 'People in Motion' isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There is a depth to Dayglow here, a real sense that Struble has faced obstacles of his own and chosen to stand atop them. New single "Radio", for instance, is Struble’s jubilant manifesto about how, even as the world gets weirder, we’re always able to turn on some song and sing along. “I make music because I love making it,” said Struble. “I just love recording and producing.” That is the inarguable takeaway of 'People in Motion', a record about finding something you love and singing about it out loud.

Sloan Struble never really thought about who exactly, if anyone, would be listening to Dayglow when he started the project from his childhood bedroom just 4 years ago. He wasn’t thinking about what kind of response he would generate or what impact his music would have on the lives of others. It was his own personal place where everything seemed to make sense, the evidence of a long summer spent documenting a pivotal phase of his life in the best way he knew how. When he clicked upload on his first album 'Fuzzybrain' the evening before leaving home for his freshman year of college, he invited everyone into his little world. So when 'Fuzzybrain' began to rapidly gain an audience in the months after its release in 2018, it was surreal to see how his sounds and his words had the ability to create joy in strangers' lives.

Since then, Dayglow has toured the globe – selling out his North American headline tour, a slew of UK/EU dates, and gracing stages ranging from Lollapalooza and Bonaroo to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, as well as the iconic Austin City Limits (a highlight for the Austin native). Fans around the world haven’t just come out for the shows but they’ve listened and streamed and streamed, more than a billion times in fact. His debut hit “Can I Call You Tonight”, from his debut record 'Fuzzybrain', not only went Platinum but was also 2020’s biggest independent Alternative Hit. Its official video has become a favourite on YouTube, sparking a wave of fan-made spin offs and exceeded over 91 million views. Dayglow’s sophomore album 'Harmony House' did not disappoint either–with its hard-won and palpable sincerity, it garnered wide acclaim from the likes of Billboard, NPR, Ones to Watch, The Talkhouse, and NME. 

There is, for Struble, plenty about which to be giddy. A week after the release of 'Harmony House', he married his college sweetheart, who he met soon after starting at the University of Texas in Austin and just before his musical ascension began. 'People In Motion' - according to a recent profile in Sunday Times - sees Dayglow lead the charge “along with Harry Styles and George Ezra…for ‘nice guy pop’: a wave of young male artists rejecting rock n’ roll cliches in favour of emotional honesty.”  Steadily building his fanbase in Asia, his Top 15 Streaming Markets worldwide include the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

Check out 'People In Motion' now and catch Dayglow once he starts touring again in early 2023. 

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