#InvestedInYou: BPI Asset Management Redefines 9.9

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), through its asset and wealth management arm - BPI Asset Management - ushers in the start of the 9.9 BPI Investment Day, a virtual event that aims to shift conversations from double-digit holiday spending to empowering Filipinos to take charge of their future by advocating sustainability in their financial and lifestyle choices.

“As a trailblazer in trust operations and investment management, we, at BPI Asset Management, make it our responsibility to be a catalyst for change by educating Filipinos on the value of investing not only in their finances, but also in their overall well-being. We recognize our unique position to be the enablers of our customers, to empower them to take action to redefine their future and the future of generations to come.” said Maria Theresa Marcial, President and CEO of BPI Asset Management.

The 9.9 BPI Investment Day is part of the company’s #InvestedInYou campaign, an overarching, 360-degree campaign that echoes the company’s commitment to be invested in the lives and overall success of its customers.

“For us, this is what it truly means to be #InvestedInYou: Utilizing our resources, skills, network, and capabilities to enrich the lives of our customers by creating campaigns, investment products, and solutions that promote sustainability not only for the environment but also for their future.” said Marcial. 

As part of the company’s commitment to integrate sustainable practices in its operations, it will be launching a new digital account opening process in September where Filipinos will be able to digitally open investment accounts through the BPI mobile app and BPI website.

“True to our promise of financial inclusivity, we have made investing easier and more accessible. This pivot ensures that we lessen our carbon footprint by reducing paper forms to sign as we move investment account opening from ‘bricks to clicks.’” Marcial said. 

As part of the #InvestedInYou campaign, the company also tapped celebrity host, actress, and sustainability advocate Antoinette Taus to create content across various social media platforms to reinforce awareness in advocating for a sustainable lifestyle. Antoinette is the founder of Communities Organized for Resource Allocation (CORA), a non-profit organization that has been harnessing the power of volunteerism to alleviate the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues and create an inclusive and sustainable future where no one will be left behind.

9.9 BPI Investment Day
BPI Asset Management also ushers in the start of the 9.9 BPI Investment Day. Where digital platforms dominate online shopping behavior during double-digit days each month, BPI Asset Management aims to shift the conversation from spending to investing, as it inspires and encourages more Filipinos to invest in their future.

Streamed on Facebook and YouTube Live, the 9.9 BPI Investment Day is a virtual summit that centers on promoting meaningful and overarching conversations on investments, sustainability, and overall wellness to guide Filipinos in building healthy financial and lifestyle habits.

This virtual event will feature eminent personalities in the Wealth Track to share their top tips on the basics of investing, future-proofing your investments, investing in sustainable companies, and the basics of estate planning. Clients are in for valuable insights straight from expert speakers.

There will also be learning sessions covering various topics on wellness as subject matter experts on yoga and mindfulness, veganism, sustainable travel, and personal development grace the occasion.

Big prizes also await the participants of the first 9.9 BPI Investment Day.

“Of course, we make learning and investing even more rewarding as we give away exciting prizes to the viewers and the public who will be participating in this first-ever 9.9 BPI Investment Day. By providing them a rewarding experience, we hope to encourage more Filipinos to invest in their overall wellness,” said Marcial.

To be part of BPI Asset Management’s #InvestedInYou initiatives, visit www.bpiassetmanagement.com.

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