Healthy, Hearty Version of Ilocano Lusay with Bulgur from The Goodwill Market

Ilocano cuisine is known for tasty dishes using available ingredients and straightforward cooking owing to the practical and industrious nature of the locals. One of the popular Ilocano dishes is Lusay, which is a noodle dish filled with flavor from the local bagoong or fish paste. It is often enjoyed as an appetizer or a filling snack.

While Lusay is traditionally made with egg noodles and longganisa, you can create an updated version using hearty and healthy ingredients such as tuna and Duru Bulgur wheat. While tuna has Omega-3, Duru bulgur is high in fiber and folate to make your Lusay dish not only delicious, but also packed with nutrients that are good for your heart.

Duru Bulgur can be a fiber-rich alternative to rice and noodles, and can be used in different ways such as soups, as a pairing with meat and vegetable meals, pilaf, and even desserts.

You can find high-quality Duru Bulgur wheat in The Goodwill Market online catalogue, among other well-curated items that fit your health-conscious lifestyle. Check out this Duru Bulgur-based Lusay recipe and visit The Goodwill Market at for more recipe ideas using this super food, and have your pantry essentials, snacks, skincare, and health supplements delivered direct to our doorstep.

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