Share a Treat and Save a Pet in Need

With “ber” months fast approaching, what better way to welcome it than by sharing! Let’s start this festive season by sharing some TLC to our pets as well as to the millions of pets in the Philippines through Pedigree & Whiskas Super Brand Day on Shopee!

In time as well to the World Dog Day, Pedigree & Whiskas are giving us opportunity to extend our love to our furry friends in Animal Kingdom Foundation through this heartwarming campaign. On August 28, for every purchase of PEDIGREE, CESAR and IAMS on the official PEDIGREE and WHISKAS Shopee Mall Store, 10% of the proceeds will be donated as meals to Animal Kingdom Foundation pet shelter.
Furry pets in need of extra TLC at the Animal Kingdom Foundation will have an amazing treat, which will keep them healthy and nourished along with other animals in the foundation. Among these treats include PEDIGREE Denta Stix for Puppy, which is will help puppies treat or help reduce tartar build-up in the teeth by 80% when used regularly with one stick a day. Then, there’s also the PEDIGREE Dog Treats, which are tasty and easily digestible dog treats that are tooth-friendly, and last long enough to provide dogs with plenty of chewing fun. Lastly, the PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Beef Chunks in Gravy and Chicken Chunks in Gravy that will help them maintain dog's bone healthy and strong, as well as overall immune system.

The Pedigree & Whiskas Super Brand Day on Shopee offers exclusive deals of up to 35% off, Free Shipping Vouchers, and a chance to win the Special Raffle Promo of a hotel staycation for 2 person and your pet.
So, what are you waiting for? Time to spread the love among people and animals and let the merriment of season embrace us once again. Because as cliché as it may sound, in the Philippines, we have the longest Christmas celebration here!

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