Rosie Darling Unveils Vulnerable New EP 'Golden Age'

LA-based artist Rosie Darling shares her sophomore EP 'Golden Age', along with her new single “What A Convincing Illusion” via Nettwerk. Quietly confident, exuberantly passionate, and creatively inclined, Rosie is the kind of anomaly who pushes pop music forward by uncompromisingly embracing her artistic impulses and following them to unprecedented heights. 

Chronicling her journey as an individual striving for connection in crowded Los Angeles, Rosie Darling’s second project keeps her emotions at the forefront as she navigates the isolation of a two-year pandemic. The 'Golden Age' EP finds Darling exploring the longing of partiality, the regret of wasted time, and the prospects of what could’ve been during a time where connection and loneliness converge more than ever before. 

“This EP means so much to me as it is another collection of songs that I have been working on over the last few years, especially during a global pandemic,” says Rosie Darling. “Finding an outlet for all my fears, dreams, hopes, and heartbreaks was necessary during such a time of uncertainty. Creating this project allowed me to find flashes of my youth and ‘Golden Age’ within the chaos of everything else that is constantly changing around me.”

New single “What A Convincing Illusion” is a tender slice of subdued indie-pop. The track is driven by unapologetic lyricism and a true sense of authenticity that Rosie brings to every track. Thematically, “What A Convincing Illusion” deals with the lessons we learn from past relationships and trying to avoid those same mistakes on our next go around. 

On her latest single, Rosie expresses: “‘What A Convincing Illusion’ is a song looking back on a failed relationship and seeing it with clarity now that it's over. It can be hard to take off the rose-colored glasses and examine the truths of a relationship while it's still happening, but when you look back, you see everything as it truly was, especially if that's not in a positive light.”

The EP also features the singles “Always Almost”, “Fucked Up Summer”, and “Golden Age”, which were all accompanied by music videos directed by Laura Lynn Patrick. “Always Almost” is an achingly gentle effort made by a hopeless romantic for hopeless romantics. While “Fucked Up Summer” is a glitchy, anthemic bop about falling out of love and the pain behind young heartbreak. The EP’s title track, “Golden Age”, is an unfeigned, emphatic pop endeavor as Rosie broods over wasted youth.

Intense emotional growth is often the best fuel for a musician's creative fire, and Rosie Darling has certainly turned pain into beauty on her debut EP 'Coping'. With the release of each new track, Rosie earned widespread press and streaming support for multiple singles from her 'Coping' EP across the globe, including features on some of Asia's most notable media outlets like Billboard (Indonesia), InqPOP! (Philippines), MTV Asia, VH1 India and top radio stations such as Prambors (Indonesia), Hitz FM (Malaysia), Power 98 (Singapore) and more.

With her first single and artist statement "Coping" – Rosie amassed over 40 million combined streams and swept up viral charts on Spotify, charting on Viral 50 playlists in 8 markets across Asia and Top 20 on Global Viral Chart. After more than a year, the song started trending again across Asia in May and was Nettwerk's top song in Asia for the month. 

For the 'Golden Age' EP, Rosie worked with a team of talented writers Matt Rad (Niall Horan, James Arthur, Little Mix), Justin Gamella (FINNEAS, Bella Poarch, Lennon Stella, Ashe, Aoki, Kaskade), Cooper Holtzsman (Zachary Knowles, Dixie) and Grammy Award-winning mixer Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Tony Bennett). 

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