HOAX Unveils Introspective Debut Album 'b?'

Indie/alternative band HOAX released 'b?' – the long-awaited narrative-driven debut concept album and a 17-track project detailing the inner workings of being vs. doing.

“If all you are is what you do, how can you ever be? ”

The entirety of the album is best characterized by its title track, “b?”, which happens to also be the exact center point as well. The whole idea of transitioning from a DO-er to a BE-er is embodied by the themes focused around the idea of BEING. The narrative told isn’t meant to be esoteric or grand; instead, it is just a simple truth boiled down to a quiet realisation: “Honestly, this life moves like a daydream, caught between how the way it goes ain’t always the way it seems. So lovely, cut right through all the ugly feelings faced, cause the way they are ain’t always the way we should be.”

“Behind all the facades we put up, under all the masks we wear – there we are: Ourselves in Being form. It used to be very hard for me to explain what it meant ‘to be’ to other people. And believe me – I know I am not original in this line of questioning. For God’s sake, we all know what Shakespeare said through Hamlet, but as the album developed, it became clear to me that ‘being’ is synonymous with ‘peace’.

And that peace looks different in everyone’s mirror. It starts with self-reflection, and never ends with anything other than life devotion to your truest form. I’ve said it so many times throughout our career, but if there is anything you take away from listening to HOAX and this album, it's to please prioritise your peace. We are only here for a moment in the blip of infinity, and during that blink, our peace and being will always be under the scrutiny of the randomness and chaos of life. Perfect the art of sitting still, to know yourself, show and embody empathy, and be authentic to your peace,” – Michael Raj (Vocalist)

HOAX’s debut album 'b?' is a concept album that follows the narratives of characters that are thrown together in the aftermath of tragedy. Each song is written from the point of view of a character who explores the abstract concepts of the essence of “BEING”. The dichotomy of BEING vs. DOING is highlighted through careful lyricism on the album. 

HOAX is an indie pop-rock band based in Houston, Texas. It is the musical brainchild of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar, who create the sonics and concepts behind their self-described style of “empathy pop” music. Their modern vintage musical sound draws from a wide range of influences like 60’s pop, 70’s Motown, and alternative R&B. They like to see themselves as “the beautiful sound of sadness”, a description coined by a close friend. Their music thematically focuses on the human condition, explorations of social constructs, and the decisions people make, all tucked underneath pop melodies.

Steadily building their fanbase in Asia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are in HOAX's Top 10 Streaming Markets worldwide, with Singapore and Taiwan following closely. 

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