edamama Holds 1st Family Expo 2022 at SMX Manila

Believe it or not, I have a fair share of "giving birth" hospital drama. It is when my sister gave birth to my niece, who already going 10 years old this January. You see, when she gave birth, I was the only one with her at the hospital, walking back and forth, while she was "delivering" in the labor room. Too late that I've learned, she's not laboring during my tense moment, she was just sleeping for the past 6 hours that I'm so tensed because her baby, my niece, won't come out. Haha! So, yeah, she underwent the Caesarian procedure.

The moment we saw her baby, our world stopped as we got amazed at how cute and chubby her cheeks were. She's not crying, she's just awake, and when the nurse from the nursery showed her to us, she said: "Mister, kamukha nyo po yung baby nyo." Stunned, I just can't help but murmur" Juskolerd!" Haha! later that day, I cleared with the nurse and the doctor that I'm the uncle and the lady with an open wound in the operating room is my sister.
From that moment, I knew my world will change. And as soon as she turned 1 month old, I became her Fairy Godmother-slash-Uncle who's picking her clothes and accessories and taking cute, beautiful photos of her.

The unexplained feeling and relaxation of buying clothes for babies and kids are something that I enjoy up until now. Just like today, I can't help but peek at the ongoing edamama Family Expo 2022 at SMX Manila.

The first-ever digital integrated platform for parents in the country, just opened the doors to the biggest Family Expo in the Philippines starting today, August 26 to 28 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. Simultaneously, the on-site event will be streamed on the brand's official social media accounts as well.

Offering a wide array of exciting and exclusive shopping deals as well as family-centered activities, the edamama Family Expo is the perfect weekend getaway not only for mothers looking for the best deals on mom and baby products but for the whole family.


Guests to this Expo can shop from over 100 top parenting brands that offer up to 70% off in exclusive deals. Brands such Pampers, Tiny Buds, Buds & Blooms, Cradle, Makuku, Johnson's, Baby Dove, EQ, Cetaphil, Aveeno Baby, Cycles, and Uni-love and all stocked up and ready to share lots of amazing goodies and vouchers for use in the edamama app.

Aside from that parents as well as future parents can learn a thing or through from the Expo's invited top mommy influencers like Joy Mendoza, Katarina Rodriguez, Mommy Ciara of Mommy Diaries, and Connh Cruz of The Modern Nanay and experts such as Dr. Sella Adasa, Dr. Gia Sison and Teacher Bloss Villafuerte. Parenting topics led by experts will also be run throughout the three-day event, covering topics from 'How to Start with Play-based Learning at Home' to 'Your Guide to Gentle Parenting.'

With the brand's mission of helping moms simplify their decision-making and find everyday joy in parenting, edamama brings together the best parenting products and services that are curated by other moms themselves. This expo is made to bring this idea to a bigger scale via an event created by moms, for moms and their families.

The 2022 Family Expo is free for all, though event goers have to sign up to edamama's. 
For more information, updates, news, and deals, you may follow edamama's official channels: TiktokInstagramFacebook and websiteYou can also download the app on both PlayStore and App Store.

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