Back to School? Play it Cool!

By now, parents around the world are scratching their heads once again as millions of kids are going back to school again. In the Philippines, with blended learning being introduced to many public and private schools, I’m pretty sure that parents who are still assigned to monitor their kids during their online classes will still find it challenging especially when it comes to challenging subjects like Math and Science.

When I was a kid, I must admit that Math is something I never thought I would like. While some of my classmates find it hard to learn, being surrounded by a family who is well versed in business, numbers became music to my ears. I remember back in high school, our Math Teacher, given the fact that secondary education Math is starting to get harder and boring to most of us, we have to learn the subject with some music and games. Surprisingly, until now, whenever my former classmates and I meet, those memories are part of our happy times together, and up until now, we can still sing those Math songs that we learn to sing then.

Better Ways to Enjoy Schooling
I think I’m one of those people who believe that we don’t have to pressure our children to learn these subjects in school. With developing EQ and IQ as early as 3 years old, I’d certainly focus on the kids’ EQ, which is something I find more important and harder to manage as they grow up.

Introducing new methods of learning – especially the fun and colorful way – is something that will make these kids more interested in the subject and would remember these new things easily. May it be done using objects and things or through digital games and videos, you’ll captivate your kids’ attention easily and could make you save some energy and time to focus on more important things.

For one, there’s, which offers a wide range of educational online games that can be a good aide for teachers, parents, and guardians who are starting to teach their children basic school subjects. When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing with Math Cards in solving problems. With, you could find a similar game like those placards that can be used in solving simple Math Problems. Other games that are well-fitted for other subjects such as English and Vocabulary, Science, Music, and even Sports.

More Options to Choose From
With its growing list of online games, is your new one-stop shop for helpful and fun educational games that can help enhance your kids’ EQ and IQ.  Aside from those, Memory Games and Logic Games are also added to the list to provide further challenge to kids, as well as playtime that they could enjoy. Meanwhile, for kids who are into arts, Holiday Games and Arts Games are also available to create excitement and stir more creative juices out of your kids' minds.

Younger kids will surely have a great time learning through their Games for Pre-School, which is a collection of well-selected online games suited for the young mind and age. A perfect way to harness their young minds, these collection boasts with well-selected online games that can test their attention, creativity and talent.

As times and things continue to change and evolve, so as our kids who are now more dependent on material things like gadget. Instead of just letting them some online games, why not let me try these fun and education games that will help them nourish their talents and study habits.

Happy playing!

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