LOOK: Allianz PNB Life Launches New Digital Campaign “Who’s A Good Hooman?”

Allianz PNB Life recently launched its latest digital campaign entitled “Who’s A Good Hooman?” featuring man’s best friend through a golden retriever named “Yanzy”. 

“Who’s A Good Hooman?” continues June’s “Seeds of Tomorrow” campaign, the aim of which was to communicate the message that insurance is one of the best ways to prepare for whatever the future may bring. This time, “Who’s A Good Hooman?” shines a spotlight on insurance protection, as well as Allianz PNB Life’s hardworking and dedicated Life Changers, the company’s most qualified individuals who can help potential customers to a more confident tomorrow.

“Allianz PNB Life firmly believes in securing the future of every Filipino. One of the best ways to achieve this is by educating them on the importance of insurance, and encouraging them to get insured,” said Allianz PNB Life President and CEO, Alexander Grenz. “This latest campaign was created to show how insurance can be like “man’s best friend”, who protects you, and to connect you to the people responsible for this protection, our Life Changers.”

Apart from recognizing the important role of Life Changers in guiding prospective and existing policyholders when it comes to their insurance needs, “Who’s A Good Hooman?” also aims to inspire viewers and show the fun side of protection, as well as to encourage them to join Allianz PNB Life in this endeavor.

“To the viewers who enjoyed the video, I would like to personally invite you to become part of Allianz PNB Life’s roster of Life Changers,” Grenz added. “There’s a reason we are called Life Changers. Whether you are a policyholder who trusts us with your future, or a Life Changer who has discovered a purpose in helping others, our end goal is always to change lives for the better.”

Become an Allianz PNB Life Changer by visiting the website here. The “Who’s A Good Hooman?” video can also be viewed here.

For more information on Allianz PNB Life’s Life Changers, as well the products and services Allianz PNB Life offers, please visit www.allianzpnblife.ph.

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