Sweet and Savory Days Ahead with Emborg and Shopee!

Back in the days when everyone is forced to stay at home to stay safe, I developed a skill I never thought I’d learn – BAKING. Since then, every time I’m bored or stressed about life, I tend to our kitchen, whip up something and offer a fresh-out-of-the-oven dessert to my family and friends.

During those days, I learned to love baking cheesecakes! My family loves my version of Blueberry Cheesecake and so are my friends. This is the reason why on special days we need to celebrate, I’m assigned to desserts. One of the main ingredients that I always have in our refrigerator is a box or block of cream cheese! Emborg is a brand I fancy during those time, not only because its brand is color purple, which remind of BTS Army, but more so, its quality products is perfect for my creations.

Created for the Family
Known for offering natural, nutritious, and flavorful food products across a wide range of dairy products, such as Butter, Cream Cheese, Cheese Slices and Shredded Cheese for Pizza Toppings, Emborg offers a great selection for your something sweet to something savory.
Aside from these, Emborg also offers frozen vegetables and berries, as well as plant-based products that are perfect for the growing vegetarian and Vegans people in the country.

If you are looking forward to sumptuous guilt-free dinner with your family, try having Emborg’s Cream cheese on your Baked Salmon and Emborg Unsalted Butter for your Buttered Vegetable side dish. Pair it with some pasta and white wine, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your dinner! You can also have some mini sandwiches with natural cheese slices as hors d'oeuvres or maybe pizza slices with lots of shredded mozzarella cheese on top for the kids. To cap off the night, a succulent Cheesecake with Cherries on top with add some elegance and sweetness to your night.

Other options which your kids will love are these carrot cupcakes, which I’m fond to share with friends and officemate for their light and healthy flavors made tastier by cream cheese frosting made from Emborg Cream Cheese.

Having quality ingredients in your meals makes baking or cooking and easy as you’ll surely achieve the ultimate flavor that you desire. On top of that, you’ll be saving a lot because for sure, your family and friends will love your dishes that there’ll be no leftover to worry about.

Always Available
Now that Emborg joins Shopee, I bet home bakers and cooks like me would definitely have more fun time in their kitchen as one of our favorite brands is just one click away. What’s good about this is that today, July 2nd, exclusive deals and discounts are made available for Shopee fans!

For every purchase of Emborg products, you can enjoy up to 12% discount on their wide selection. For shopper who will spend PHp2,250 and above, you can also avail their PHP225 discount vouchers plus PHp100 shipping discount!

To avail these exciting deals and discounts, just head on to Emborg Shopee Mall now and whip up something sweet and savory for your family and friends to enjoy!

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