Kidswaste Unveils Dazzling Sophomore Ep 'Colors of Your Heart'

A moment five years in the making, indie-electronic artist and producer Kidswaste’s sophomore EP 'Colors Of Your Heart' is out now via notable tastemaker imprint Counter Records. Bouncing between dreamy, cinematic shades of electronica, the introspective yet upbeat EP showcases his fluidity and ingenuity as a songwriter, and evolution from self-taught bedroom producer to treasured, internationally touring artist.

“Kiddy is not Kidswaste. It is only the mask that I wear,” Quentin says. “I wanted to explore the destructive relationship of an artist with their art, from creation to its downfall…I’ve always been really critical of my own craft and try to only put out my absolute best, and I worked really hard to up my production game for this EP. I think this is a more mature presentation of what I am able to do as an artist and songwriter.”

At its core, 'Colors Of Your Heart' is a story of metamorphosis and creative growth, whisking listeners into an electrifying, uncharted era for the 25-year-old producer—fondly coined the “Kiddy” era. The energetic EP is an honest exploration of Kidswaste’s artistic journey, translating the highs and lows of the creative process into 8 tracks of dazzling, uplifting dance music. 

Building momentum towards his sophomore EP, “Waves” continues to showcase Kidswaste’s impressive creative growth and development since his 'Spleen' EP, which was released in 2017. A new era beckons, fondly coined as the ‘Kiddy’ era which features a more energetic, refined sound and style that reflects the maturation process that he’s gone through over the years. And yet, even with these conscious changes, “Waves” features the consistently quality that fans have come to appreciate along with the unique songwriting that catapulted him into a fan favourite.

An internationally-celebrated artist, Quentin Beauvois, best known as Kidswaste, cut his musical teeth during his formative years as a bedroom producer in the elegant region of Northern France. With his graceful dexterity, Kidswaste broke into the indie-dance space with his debut single “Underwater” – a memorable genesis track that garnered over 2 million streams on Spotify alone quickly followed by other breakout fan-favourite cuts like “Free”, “Tonight”, and “Time” taken from his 'Spleen' EP.

Since his debut, Kidswaste has meticulously accelerated his artistic evolution without skipping a beat. Lauded by tastemakers by the likes of Billboard, Apple Music 1, Magnetic, Dancing Astronaut, Atwood, Chill Nation and more, Kidswaste is a proven trendsetter in both the electronic and alternative landscapes. His enchanting, nuanced sound in the studio translates seamlessly on stage as he’s swept away crowds opening for household names like ODESZA, Chet Porter, and Chelsea Cutler, just to name a few. 

A vanguard of his own creative growth, a new era of Kidswaste blossoms on the horizon as he celebrates his core musical identity by expanding its poise with new songwriting styles and techniques. Following his recent singles “Fall In” featuring Lizzy Land and “Time is Mine” featuring Olivia Reid, Kidswaste’s discography (including his Beauvois side moniker) now boasts well over 200 million streams as he simultaneously draws the curtain back on his forthcoming EP 'Colors of Your Heart'. Armed with intentional sound design and meaningful songwriting, the Kidswaste project is an open-ended letter devoted in equal parts to individual introspection and fellow-feeling.

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