Elley Duhé Shares Enigmatic New Single "Pieces"

Hot on the heels of Elley Duhé's viral track "MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT", the rising pop star reveals a brand new enigmatic single "PIECES". Another smash hit in the making, "PIECES" is about someone who desires you, but not giving them all of you in one piece because your trust and love must be earned.

Always meditative on the world and her place within it, Elley has the perfect tonic for these troubled times with the dreamy art-pop escapism of her forthcoming music. Like all her work, it’s a recognition of finding hope in the face of whatever faces you. “I have so much light and positivity in me, but I also have shadows,” she says. “It all coexists in harmony.”

“I feel like we’re all just hanging on to the planet for dear life,” says Elley as she surveys the crazy world she’s about to share new music with. “It’s just a ride. These are very strange times, but it’s always been strange.”

It’s been a profound and spiritual journey for the 29-year-old artist to get here, but one that she always knew she was destined to make. Elley’s formative years were spent surrounded by music lovers – with her father and uncles working as musicians in the New Orleans scene.

“You’re just always being influenced if there’s always someone playing something – be it a song they wrote or just one of their favorite records. I grew up around blues, rock, alternative, classical, country, pop, hip-hop. I got a good dose of everything.”

After playing cafes, bars, private parties, and seizing every chance and opportunity she could, she found herself supporting huge names around Nashville, Los Angeles, and Austin before dropping out of high school to hone her craft. Since moving to Los Angeles to officially kickstart her music career in 2016, Elley has released a run of smash hits, racking up millions and millions of streams. She's performed at massive festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, recorded with the likes of Gryffin and Zedd, and formed a tight and unbreakable bond with her legions of fans online.

Elley Duhé is set to release more new music soon, stay tuned for updates. 

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