#AlexReviews: HUAWEI Sound Joy

Nowadays, we’re getting used to living with things that provide us convenience and happiness in just one click. For some, they get these from gadgets, while for others it is in the form of home appliances or even toys. For music lovers like me, having a reliable and easy-to-carry-around audio system is something that puts “joy” in my daily routine. And since it's summer, and summer escapades wouldn’t be complete without beautiful background music, having HUAWEI’s newest Bluetooth speaker - HUAWEI Sound Joy – on my recent camping trip with friends added absolute fun to our adventure creating more memories that last a lifetime.

Full of excitement and longing to be with nature, we are finally allowed again to enjoy the summer heat on our beautiful beaches here in the Philippines. For my group of friends, spending a fun and relaxing weekend in one of our favorite off-the-grid destinations, Nagsasa Cove in Zambales, made our thirst for adventure fulfilling and remarkable. Surrounded by pristine grayish-to-white sand, clear blue water, and lush mountainous landscape, we’re so fortunate to have the beach almost by ourselves giving us more freedom and joy even just for a while.

The Stylish and Convenient Look
With the heat of summer, most of us are longing to have convenience. It’s hard to move and think at the same time when you feel burdened and bored by so many things. The new HUAWEI Sound Joy provides style and convenience that you’ll love when you travel. With its cylinder look that comes with a handy strap, HUAWEI made sure that you can bring this latest gadget anytime and anywhere you like it. Made available in two stunning colors, Spruce Green and Obsidian Black, you can easily match this with any outfit or look that you desire this season – something that we all miss doing outdoors.

Weighing about 680 grams, I never had a problem hanging or placing it inside my mini bag during our camping, proving that convenience is one of its strongest points. And since it can easily be connected through Bluetooth 5.2, you don’t have to worry whether you are using other brands of smartphones, making it a perfect travel companion and party starter even at the beach.

For easy control, this HUAWEI Sound Joy comes with power keys that let you navigate your playlists. It also offers a Stereo Sound Shake feature making our music listening moment more fun and hassle-free. At night, you can even enjoy its colorful ring lights giving additional ambiance to your fun moments.

When it comes to its power, the HUAWEI Sound Joy has an 8,800 mAh battery offering a 26-hour playback – a continuous joy and music that you’ll surely appreciate when you are camping out like us!
The Amazing Audio Quality and More
Boast with Devialet, the trusted brand for the best bass of any wireless speakers, the HUAWEI Sound Joy carries a 2m Devialet 2-way speaker system and Devialet SAM® technology that gives that full-range speaker with powerful bass and treble tweeter.

When I initially played it at our campsite, I was already amazed at how clear it sounded and brought good background to our hanging out moment. But when I took it by the beach for our sunset session, I was even more surprised as it filled the cove with crisp-clear music that made people turn around and feel the vibe of our beats – truly, this made me love this HUAWEI Sound Joy even more.

And since it is Certified with IP67 water resistance, I don’t have to worry that much about this HUAWEI Sound Joy as it can withstand just about any weather conditions. So regardless of being windy that afternoon, we were able to enjoy Dropped in the water? No need to worry, I was told that it can even withstand being submerged in the water up to 1 meter deep.

Availability and Price
So, if you are looking forward to your summer escapades this year, I highly suggest that you bring along this HUAWEI Sound Joy that will surely add more fun and excitement to your adventure.

Currently, the HUAWEI Sound Joy is available in physical stores and online stores including HUAWEI Consumer StoreHUAWEI Shopee Mall, and HUAWEI Lazada Mall for only PHP6,999.

Happy Summer, everyone! Stay Safe!

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