More Reasons Why You Should Buy the New HUAWEI GT3 Pro Smartwatch

We no longer expect our watches to simply tell us the time. As digitally-enhanced humans aspiring to elite performance, we need a watch that can not only keep track of our appointments but our bodies and minds. In the quest to develop the best smartwatch for users who value the highest-quality health tracking, Huawei Philippines is proud to present the GT3 Pro. This smartwatch brings the future to your wrist with high-tech materials, revolutionary health management, and ultimate performance tracking!

Premium design with high-tech materials
Combining the timeless aesthetics of the heirloom watch with the futuristic capabilities of the smartwatch, the GT3 Pro is a marvel of design. It comes in two versions — the 46mm Titanium Edition and the 43mm Ceramic Edition. The 46mm features a sapphire glass face, a titanium frame, and a ceramic back-case carved in hard lines and geometric edges. The 43mm on the other hand is elegant and fashionable, made with advanced nano-tech ceramic material. Both versions sport rotating crowns and a chessboard UX for that touch of palatial glamour in the details. For an added personal flair, users can customize their watches with a curated collection of straps and styles.

Textured with luxury-grade polishing and crafted as works of art, the GT3 Pro is the exclusive smartwatch for the elite user who appreciates the finer things in life.
Revolutionary health management with advanced algorithms
The GT3 Pro supports ECG data collection, which can accurately provide single-lead ECG measurements, real-time analysis, sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation detection, and premature atrial and ventricular beat reminders for users. It also supports arterial stiffness detection, allowing users to actively work to combat and prevent vascular diseases. The watch also supports the new HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0+, which doubles the previous system’s number of heart sensors from a four-point arrangement to an improved circular arrangement. The accuracy is comprehensively improved, resulting in more reliable measurements and improving the output rate and speed of SpO2 level. All the data collected by the GT3 Pro can then be shared and organized with almost any smartphone, due to the smartwatch’s multi-system compatibility with HMS, GMS, and iOS devices.
Through personalizing their settings on the HUAWEI Health App, users can receive regular reminders for health challenges, daily water intake, medication, daily mindfulness, early sleep reminders, exercise volume, and staying positive. These features ensure users can cultivate good and healthy living habits despite a busy schedule.
Unique to the Ceramic Edition is its menstrual cycle 2.0 technology, allowing female users to track their reproductive health reliably and accurately. Unique to the Titanium Edition is its heavy-duty two-week battery life, ideal for the most adventurous users and frequent travelers.
Ultimate performance in outdoor workout tracking
Going above and beyond, the GT3 Pro boasts an array of over 100+ workout modes, including a specialized diving mode and a golf mode. Move with freedom and confidence, with a watch that quickly and automatically recognizes your motions for what they are. Coupled with the built-in dual-band five-system GNSS, the GT3 Pro also provides incredibly precise navigation with its whole-globe location tracking satellite services: GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS. It also features offline and Route Back Navigation.
With so many amazing and premium features, it’s an easy choice. Elevate your lifestyle and fitness with the HUAWEI GT3 Pro, soon to launch in the Philippines this May 18.
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