Your Summer Eyewear of Choice!

As we all go crazy booking our summer trips with family and friends this year, it is still important to note that safety should still be our top priority. While most of tourists’ spots are now accepting guests – local and foreign – keeping ourselves healthy and strong should not be compromised no matter what our plans will be. With this, aside from protecting ourselves form the virus, it is also important to keep our physical health stable and strong – after all, sun’s harmful rays should one of our top concerns this summer.

Staying safe and protected can be fashionable too. With Peculiar Eyewear, you’re not only keeping yourself feeling good, you are also keeping your eyes safe all the time while under the sun enjoying different summer activities with your family and friends. Along with its various health benefits, Peculiar Eyewear is ready to treat you with astonishing discounts as it joins Shopee in celebrating its 4.4 ShopeePay Sale with as much as 90% discount.

Here are some items that you might find interesting for your summer getaways this year:
1. Peculiar Eyewear ALEX Round Anti-Radiation Blue Lens
Featuring a round and golden metal frame, this eyewear carries a lens with BlueShield™ and SafeShield™ features of Peculiar Eyewear, which is made to protect your eyes from sun and gadget’s harmful UV rays. It has a transitionpro effect that gives this black lens looks with certification for UV400 and BlueLight blocking technology that suits perfectly to anyone’s eye. Each purchase comes with a free protective case and microfiber wiper, as well as a harmful light tester so you can personally check for yourself its effective BlueShield™ technology.

2. Peculiar Eyewear CLUBMASTER Square Anti-Radiation Replaceable Lens
Meanwhile, for those who prefer a broader frame that can highlight your eyes, this Clubmaster Square Peculiar Eyewear, will give you that posh look that you desire. It also comes with other shades, but I find this black shade very classic and sophisticated. You can actually wear it any event you have this summer or even after the season. Like the previous eyewear, this one also boasts with lens that have BlueShield™ and SafeShield™.

3. Peculiar Eyewear ANDY Round Anti-Radiation Replaceable Lens
The last item that I find interesting is this Andy Round Peculiar Eyewear. With its minimalist look and style, this one if perfect for man and woman who prefer simple yet elegant looks this season. I personally love this one as it is very light and still give me that full-face look when photographed.

So, while you are keeping your excitement this season, you can enjoy the enjoy convenience, security, and rewarding perks of shopping with free shipping for your favorite brands this the 4.4 ShopeePay Sale. Happy shopping and happy summer, friends!

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