Improved Indoor Air Quality, Lower Energy Costs_ Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

Business owners and entrepreneurs have many things to consider when running their companies. With the recent easing of quarantine restrictions under Alert Level 1 areas, more employees are reporting to the office and more business establishments are being allowed to resume 100% capacity. In setting up for this new work or business environment, it is important not to overlook choosing the right kind of air conditioning to ensure the comfortability and safety of employees and customers indoors.

Samsung’s Air Solutions provide clean air to businesses, employees, and customers while also offering energy-saving benefits.

Here is a handy guide for business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to improve the indoor air quality for their commercial spaces:

1. WindFree 1 Way and 4 Way Cassettes. 
Samsung’s WindFree™ technology maintains optimum coolness in the room without direct air. This puts the room at the right temperature for a comfortably cool feel without the unpleasant feeling of cold harsh wind. 

Samsung’s WindFree 1 Way Cassette has wide blades that create powerful airflow, while the WindFree 4 Way Cassette has a wider cooling range that’s perfect for larger rooms. Both units are installed in the ceiling, making this the fitting choice for businesses that want to optimize space.

The WindFree 1 Way and 4 Way Cassettes are equipped with air purifying panels that can clean the air through its PM1.0 Filter. This innovative feature sterilizes over 99% of bacteria that gets stuck on the filter surface, protecting everyone from inhaling bacteria and tiny particles. 

The air conditioners’ Inverter technology meanwhile lowers energy costs by 55% when the WindFree mode is turned on.

2. 360 Cassette. 
The 360 Cassette has a circular outlet that blows cool air in all directions, so every corner is the same temperature. This unit is bladeless, which means it expels 25% more air and spreads it farther. Similar to the 1 Way and 4 Way WindFree Cassettes, this air conditioner also has an Inverter technology and air purifying panels with PM1.0 filter.

The 360 Cassette’s innovative circular design blends in beautifully in many interior designs. This is the go-to unit for business owners who want a sophisticated look and a minimalist modern styling.

3. Floor Standing. 
The Floor Standing unit’s powerful fan motor and enlarged air outlet can blow air up to 20 meters, making it the ideal choice for larger spaces. Additionally, its Auto Swing function expels air in every direction, so rooms are evenly cooled.

This unit also keeps spaces clean with the Anti Bacterial Filter, which filters bacteria, dust, and other allergens. Despite its size, the Inverter technology reduces energy consumption by up to 70%.

Additionally, an air purifier is a great appliance to pair with an air conditioner for commercial spaces. Poor air quality leads to lost productivity among employees and discomfort among customers. 

Samsung’s 90 sqm Air Purifier has a Multi-Layered Purification System that catches particles of all sizes. The first layer extracts larger dust particles, while an Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter removes harmful gases. Lastly, the HEPA Filtration captures up to 99.97% of ultrafine dust and inhibits bacteria. The device also purifies a wide area much more quickly, reaching from corner to corner.

Improve indoor air quality while lowering energy costs with Samsung Air Solutions. For more information about the products, visit

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