Isak Danielson Shares New Album 'King Of A Tragedy'

Singer-songwriter Isak Danielson has released his new album 'King of a Tragedy'. Isak Danielson is at his prime when it comes to creating music – the 24 year-old's captivating and haunting sound hints at an artist that is wise beyond his years.

His previous singles "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" and the title track "King of a Tragedy" heralding the new album showcases a powerful and grandiose side of the young artist, with his unmistakable voice taking the spotlight. While the third and latest single, "Let Somebody Go", is a tender story about moving on.

'King Of A Tragedy' follows his previous albums that have won over audiences all over the world, garnering over 270 MILLION streams to date with his graceful yet haunting vocals, and knack for soaring music compositions paired with vulnerable and relatable lyrics.

A fresh version of Isak emerges in the heart of 'King Of A Tragedy', “It is about self-love and confidence. I’ve realized I have this need to be loved, and to want people to see me, and to stand on the stage, and have people adore me. There is a little bit of that cockiness. I’m kind of full of myself. But it’s fun.” Isak’s musings on what he wants to achieve provided the album’s title: “I think when you actually have success, you won’t be as happy as you think you will be. That made me think about the theme of the album, and what I want King Of A Tragedy to mean. I came up with the idea that the journey is the goal, the endeavor is the purpose, and success is tragedy.”


His last album, 'Tomorrow Never Came', was a lighter record, a seven-song collection that Isak likens to a diary and intimate snapshots of a moment in time. 'King Of A Tragedy' is something much bolder and braver, the sound of an artist pushing his boundaries, and finding new creative energy by testing the limits of what he can do.
Steadily building his audience across the globe, Isak has grown a significant fanbase in Asia. Currently, his Top 20 Streaming Markets worldwide include Indonesia, India, Singapore and Malaysia. 

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