#AlexReviews: OPPO Free Watch & OPPO Enco Air2

With so many new tech products and updates available in the market now, how do you separate or differentiate one from the other? Do you consider its features, functionality, style and price? If, yes, let me share to you this latest smart innovation from OPPO that doesn’t just offer those four things I mentioned, but also some other beneficial features that you didn’t know you’ll need.

With the recent pandemic crisis that the world has faced, it’s amazing how smart gadgets quickly adapt and provided people with helpful features that could help us avoid untoward incidents as well as help us maintain our good, happy and healthy condition. From home appliances to smart office, and even on our day-to-day chores, we can now enjoy these amazing new products that go beyond that we expect them to give.  

Just when you thought you’ve seen the best smart watch in town, wait till you experience and enjoy OPPO Watch Free, which is packed with features that you can have, night and day, work and play.

Possessing a 1.64inch AMOLED display, I personally love how it gave me that full-faced look, maximizing the length and width of my wrist without sacrificing the comfort and lightness. Weighing only 33 grams, this OPPO Watch Free can give us 40 dynamic watch faces that suit any style and event that you need to attend to. Its breathable white strap is also comfortable to wear that even when I sleep, it’s not bothering me at all.

And since I initially used this OPPO Smart Watch during our short stay in Pampanga, where I get to play and relax with my family, I had a wonderful time trying its features that really boasts its appeal to me.

1. Remembers Your Movement & Supports Over 100 Workout Modes
It automatically reminds me of the things that I need to do, as well as measures the movements that I’m doing right at the very moment it senses some abrupt changes in my movement. Even in drinking water, it notifies me to rehydrate, making is the most reliable and convenient smart watch I’ve put in my risk.

2. Water Resistant
Since summer is all about having fun, I also got a chance to try its 5ATM water-proof features that helped me in monitors my heart rate even in the water. It also monitors heart rate and blood oxygen providing an accurate reading whether I’m moving or sleeping.

3. Sleep Monitor
Speaking of sleeping, OPPO Free Watch takes pride of its OSleep All Scenario Sleep Monitoring that gives you a reliable and helpful before, during and after sleeping report. Aside from heart rate and oxygen, it also has a snore assessment that provides data on our breathing pattern while asleep. You just have to download the HeyTap Health app on you phone to see these reports.

4. Easy Connectivity
Having an OPPO smart phone lets you maximize the features of OPPO Free Watch, but in case you are using a different brand like I me, I still get to enjoy this smart watch. Thanks to its easy connectivity features, which is via BlueTooth, connecting it to my mobile phone was never a problem. I get to control my music, read my messages as well quickly monitor weather reports and other items on it.

5. Quick to Charge, Long Lasting Battery
The last but not the least, and probably my most favorite feature, I don’t have to charge it every day or every other day since the battery last for almost two weeks! And even if I charge it for only few minutes if I’m really on a rush, it usually last for almost a day – something that I find really convenient and perfect for people who are always on the go.

On the other hand, music lovers can also enjoy OPPO’s updated version of its true-wireless earbuds, the OPPO Enco Air2. An upgrade from its predecessor, this latest version of earbuds is made to provide optimum listening experience with live sound effects and unique bass booster that pump the music quality making our listening experience more immersive.

Though I must admit that I didn’t like its translucent jelly case lid, I think this would come helpful who are really busy in life since they don’t have to waste time double checking if their earbuds are in back in its cases. As for its earbuds, I love how light it is with 3.5-gram weight. It’s hangs neatly and comfortable in my small ears providing clear audio.

Aside from that, this OPPO Enco Air2 also comes with an AI Noise Cancellation for clear calls – making it a perfect tool whether you’re at work or just outside enjoying the now healthier and safer world.

The OPPO Watch FREE is retailed at PHP5,999 but can get it for only PHP5,499 on Shopee and Lazada. While the OPPO Enco Air2 is available both on Shopee and Lazada for only PHP3,499, 13% off from its original price of PHP3,999.

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