#KwentongHC: What’s the Best BNPL Partner for Side Hustlers?

For the longest time, side hustles have always been an integral part of the Filipino working culture. Most commonly known to Filipinos as ‘raket’, these are sideline jobs undertaken for extra income. You see them everywhere – from your neighbor offering personal care products, a co-worker selling goodies and snacks at the office, or your former classmate with an online selling business.

AR Peralta

These so-called side hustlers include AR Peralta, a 28-year-old School Director who, aside from his main job, has a side hustle. Sharing his diskarte story in this latest episode of Kwentong HC, he narrated how he manages his finances and spends his hard-earned money wisely.

“Suma-sideline din ako paminsan-minsan. Before pandemic, as a make-up artist and events host. At ngayong pandemic, online seller.” (I do side hustles from time to time. Before the pandemic, as a make-up artist and events host. And now, during the pandemic, as on online seller).

Many of them are usually faced with the challenge of financially supporting the household. Helping them manage and stretch out their budget are buy now, pay later (BNPL) companies like Home Credit. For many years, Home Credit has been equipping many Pinoys with alternative and convenient payment options to avail home appliances, electronic gadgets and such.
“I earn decent naman pero hindi na tayo bumabata. Dapat smart ang pag-spend. Mahirap bumili ng bagay kapag isang bagsakan.” (I earn decent. But I realized, I’m not getting any younger so I should be smarter with the way I spend [my money]. It’s hard to purchase an item if you have to pay for it one-time, big-time).
“I love to sing. Hilig din kasi ng family ko kumanta. Kaya naisipan ko mag-Home Credit. Sa unang pundar ko, I availed Magic Sing.” (Me and family really like singing. That’s why with my very first investment, I thought of availing a Magic Sing with Home Credit).

Home Credit offers easy and affordable monthly installments for consumers like AR who wants to avail and invest on big-ticket items, fit for their budget and monthly income.
“Good choice talaga yung nag-avail ako with Home Credit. Big help with how I budget my finances. As a matter of fact, after nung Magic Sing, nag-avail pa ako ng 2 pang cellphones for me and my sister.” (I really made a good choice availing from Home Credit. It’s such a big help with how I budget my finances. As a matter of fact, after the Magic Sing, I also bought 2 more cellphones for me and my sister).

For working individuals like him who are busy juggling their main job and side hustle with little time to go to the malls, Marketplace, found in the My Home Credit App, is an instant help to browse products and easily shop anytime, anywhere. You can even compare prices, specs and deals for any commodity, all within the reach of your fingertips.
“I trust my purchases with them. Sobrang convenient na sa pagba-budget, nakakapundar pa ako one step at a time. Salamat sa Home Credit. Nakakapundar ako while saving for my future.” (I trust my purchases with them [Home Credit]. I can invest for the items that I want and it’s convenient to pay considering my budget. So, thanks Home Credit for helping me plan for the future).

If you’re like AR who’s looking for items perfectly fit for your budget, visit any of Home Credit’s 10,000+ partner retail stores nationwide or download the My Home Credit App and invest on your first home appliance, electronic gadget, furniture, and more.

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