Achieve Seamless AI Ecosystems with HUAWEI MateBook 14s, MateView Display Family, nova 9 and GT3

Huawei has launched Huawei MateBook 14s, MateView Display Family, nova 9 and GT3 for those ready to upgrade their WFH stations before end-year.

Professionals up and down the country have begun to re-shape their mindset and workflow to that of a home-based nature - something virtually unheard of a little over a year ago - and embrace the full potential of entirely virtual productivity.

Huawei immediately recognized this shift and developed a host of devices to cater to these unique needs accordingly: the Huawei MateBook 14s, MateView Display Family, nova 9 and Watch GT 3 specifically enhance the work-from-home experience by a significant margin.
A key part of that experience lies in these devices’ ability to work together seamlessly in a vast number of scenarios. Huawei PCs now come with the Super Device feature - a simple drag-to-connect interface where you can connect and manage all compatible devices directly in the PC control center. From the control center, the user can direct all devices to work in concert with each other’s capabilities, allowing for a synergetic and intuitive experience.

With Super Device, Huawei makes the push towards creating the future: a seamless AI ecosystem that moves users between their office and home cyberspaces efficiently and intelligently. Read on to learn how these cutting-edge Huawei creations can upgrade the way you work and/or play remotely.
Huawei MateBook 14s: The brains of the operation

Sporting 11th generation Intel Evo chip technology, a 2.5K FullView multi-touch display, and Mobile App Engine (among plenty of other innovations), the MateBook 14s bridges the often-awkward gap between smart devices to truly make them work as a cohesive whole.

MateBooks have always disrupted the laptop segment in various ways, but the MateBook 14s earns its “Laptop+” billing by integrating Huawei’s trademark ingenuity with premium hardware to accomplish multi-scenario use cases not possible with traditional laptops -- especially when synced with the rest of Huawei’s 2021 lineup.

Improve your WFH must-haves with the latest HUAWEI MateBook 14s. Huawei fans can learn more about the Laptop + through the HUAWEI Online Store and flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.
HUAWEI MateView Display Family: Broadening creative horizons

Take your productivity a step further with HUAWEI’s MateView displays. HUAWEI has launched three smart monitors made for Filipino gaming champs and corporate highfliers -- Huawei MateView, Huawei MateView GT and Huawei MateView GT 27”.

Introducing first on the display family is the HUAWEI MateView, the very first flagship standalone monitor in the Philippines. The HUAWEI MateView, boasts a powerful set of hardware and software within its thin frame. It features a 28.2-inch display panel that exceeds 4K resolution, coupled with incredible color representation. 

On the other hand, Huawei launched its first immersive surround screen monitor that is designed for gamers and users seeking next level audio and visual entertainment, the HUAWEI MateView GT 34” for only Php28,999.
Lastly, the MateView GT 27” generously improves creative professionals' entire user-experience despite its small yet capable display. Thanks to its elegantly-curved surface, high 165Hz refresh rate, QHD resolution and cinematic P3 color gamut, the MateView immerses users into their respective content like no other screen on the market.
Huawei nova 9: Ultra Vision made affordable

The nova series have always excelled at bringing top-end specs at budget friendly prices, and the Huawei nova 9 is just the latest to continue that esteemed tradition. 120Hz curved display, 50MP Ultra Vision camera, and 66W Super Charge are just a few standout features this phone crams into such a sleek, ultra-thin design, even as it smoothly connects itself to other screens (ex. MateBook 14s) to create an uninterrupted workflow. Call it genius design, but nothing beats an effortless synchronization of smartphone-laptop functionality only Huawei ecosystem devices can offer.
Huawei Watch GT 3: Personal health coach at home

As much as we need to be glued on screens and displays all day long to stay productive, there’s no denying the importance of a good exercise routine even indoors. Having the Watch GT 3 and its week-long battery life, AI running coach, and hundreds of workout modes simulates instant access to a personal health trainer. You can even monitor your exercise stats and overall progress in exquisite detail by syncing it with the nova 9 or MateBook 14s, further strengthening the robust device ecosystem that Huawei continuously upgrades.

When you integrate Huawei to your WFH setup, it’s not simply a bunch of devices crammed on a desk: it’s an intelligent and intuitive workspace that lets you focus on the things you want to get done, often in surprisingly delightful ways. 

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