SEB Shares New Music “fuck it, im the man”

LA-based artist SEB has shared “fuck it, im the man” (via Mom+Pop), on which the nascent pop artist evokes a home-fi spin on the 80’s Quincy Jones sound. The song follows last year’s “god of the sunsets” single and the IT’S OKAY, WE’RE DREAMING EP, dual manifestations of his genre-eschewing sound that owes as much to Joni Mitchell as to Tyler the Creator (and the latter of which featured his breakthrough hit “seaside_demo”). 

His diverse influences serve as a reflection of his varied background, coming up in Chicago after hopping between New York, Haiti, Oklahoma, and Miami, before making the move to LA to focus on his music career. 

Listen to “fuck it, im the man”

"This song is about standing on your own and living your life according to you and only you,” states SEB. “After a blowout argument, I ended up having to permanently cut off family members who did nothing but tell me how much of a disappointment I was. In the chorus I’m trying to be exuberant and confident but that’s only to mask the pain I'm feeling in the verses. 

From talking to people around me, I know I'm definitely not the only one who’s gone through this. I want fans who are living through that, to feel empowered to do them, regardless of what anybody has to say."

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