P&G U.S. Receives Recognition from ‘Great Place to Work’

Procter & Gamble’s employee-focused efforts have enabled the multinational company’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States to earn the certification from Great Place to Work (GPTW) — a global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and effective leadership behaviors.

While the certification was awarded to its US workplace, the recognition reflects how P&G gives importance to its employees and workplace culture globally. Everywhere in the world, employees are P&G’s #1 priority.

P&G received the Great Place to Work recognition based on a random sampling of 5,000 of its current US employees. In the survey, which explored the participants’ experience working at the company, 71% of employees said P&G was “a great place to work.” This is significantly above the 59% average score of other US companies.
In the same survey, 89% of team members said that P&G people are given a lot of meaningful responsibilities that challenge them to do—and be—better every day at work. Moreover, P&G earned high scores in making employees feel welcome when they first join the company, working in an environment that is physically safe, and treating people fairly.
The results of the GPTW survey align well with P&G’s own internal global employee survey, which assesses how the company is doing and where else it can improve. This includes evaluating P&G’s Equality and Inclusion program’s progress towards giving all employees equal opportunities to succeed no matter what their genders, backgrounds, and sexual orientations are.
P&G’s enduring and unique work culture continues to help the business thrive for more than 180 years now. Whether in a research lab or in one of its manufacturing plants, employees are trusted to do what’s necessary to make a difference. This encourages employees to continually go above and beyond what is expected of them.
To reinforce this further, P&G recently refreshed its Employee Value Proposition (EVP): P&G + Me = Mutual Success. The new EVP is a narrative about the “fit” between employees’ individual values and aspirations (what the employee gets and gives to P&G), with those of P&G (what the company gets from and gives to each employee). P&G wants its employees to feel appreciated and rewarded for not only what they provide but also how they contribute to the company's success.
For P&G, it’s about creating the right conditions that allow its employees to do their best work. In many ways, the recognition from a Great Place to Work confirmed what thousands of P&G employees around the world and in the Philippines already know: that P&G is, in fact, a #GreatPlaceToWork.

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