Mayi's Kitchen: The Diva is Now in the Kitchen

The pandemic has brought to many challenges not only to out nation but also to our personal lives. It tested us in so many ways and brought out the good and bad in all of us. But despite of that, we, Filipino, remain resilient over these changes. We remain driven and aspirational not only because we have family to feed, but also we have to strengthen ourselves for our dreams and goals. These and some other great things has made Marielle ‘Mayi’ Mamaclay open her food business - the Mayi's Kitchen.

A professional singer under the Management of Vega Entertainment Productions, Mayi decided to rekindle her love for cooking when the pandemic put the world on halt with the continuous spread of COVID-19. Driven by her love and passion on food, Mayi started supplying comfort food to her neighbors in Quezon City with her decadent chocolate cake and chicken barbecue. Along with further support form her talent manager, Charie Vega and her Aunt, Mayi's customer grew in no time as she starts getting more customers within and outside their village. Two of the most love offerings from Mayi's Kitchen are Cuapaos and the Mayi’s Kitchen Special Pancit, which I had an opportunity to try and enjoy yesterday.

Marielle ‘Mayi’ Mamaclay

I must say, if you are looking for a comforting meal or combo, these two are perfect treats for your. Each serving is good enough for two, which make it more comforting and shareable. Mayi's Kitchen Menu is mostly composed of Filipino and Chinese favorites. Aside from Appetizers, Main Dish and Desserts, Mayi's Kitchen also offers Weekly Specials and Frozen Specialties.

Currently, Mayi's Kitchen provides to-go orders as well as catering to virtual events, corporate meal packages, and party food trays for your loved ones. You can check out their menu below or you can follow them social media channels: Instagram and Facebook.

For your orders, you can directly contact them through their Viber numbers: 9219181234 or call 0287321255. They offer free delivery within St. Ignatius and White Plains in Quezon City, from 5pm to 7pm, while they implement an order cut off every day at 2pm. For online customers, you need to wait for their confirmation of orders before booking your own pick-up service.

As we continue to weather this pandemic, let us continue supporting small business! Happy eating!

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