5 Ways to Throw an Awesome Theme Party

If you want to throw an awesome theme party, you may be scratching your head when it comes to what would be the most entertaining and easy to plan. Here are 5 different themes you might want to consider, and a few things about each that will have your guests begging for the bash to happen every year!

Famous Dead People
For those of you with a sense of humor and a penchant for history, throwing a bash where everyone dresses as a famous person who has long since left the earth can be a recipe for laughter and memory-making. You’ll have a great time in the weeks or days before deciding on your subject, their costume, and even some themed games that can tie the whole party together. While this party variety can be held year-round, it is exceptionally appropriate for the Halloween season. 

Gangsters and Flappers
Another party that can inject humor and spice into a mundane life, a party made up of guests in old-timey gangster and flapper uniforms can make for a quirky, joyful time. There are all kinds of angles you can take with this type of party, too. Maybe your friends are fans of the BBC series Peaky Blinders, and you can dress as the infamous members of the Shelby family. Maybe your crowd prefers the razzle-dazzle energy of the musical Chicago and you want to trade in the gangster uniforms for naughty businessmen and flapper-criminals. The possibilities are endless. You can even hire period-appropriate musical entertainment.

Murder Mystery
This one isn’t so different from the gangsters and flappers approach at first glance, but if you’re creative, you can do all sorts of wacky things with this type of party. While most people think of this type of shindig incorporating clothes, dialects, and storylines of the 1920s through to the 1950s with a noir-bent, you can truly choose any time period and write any kind of story, as long as it’s a murder with clues to be solved! There are even subscription services that send you a new murder mystery party concept every month, if you’re really into this kind of gathering. 

1980s nostalgia might be a nightmarish thing for those who can’t accept how far away that decade really is. Having said that, for those of us who either appreciate the decade from an outside perspective, or have come to peace with how old we are, having a retro 1980s bash is a uniquely fun opportunity to explore just how fun a themed party can be. There are even some bands from the era like Tommy Tutone that you could hire to entertain your guests!

All themed parties are a sort-of cosplay, aren’t they? However, true cosplay is in a category all its own, with much more concentrated effort being put into costuming and the depiction of famous characters, most notably from comic books and films. If you’re a Marvel fan with a knack for crafting, or a seasoned veteran at Comic-Cons around the country, this could be a great way to bring around like-minded friends and share tricks of the trade, memories of convention experiences, and more. 

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