Style Tips with UNIQLO Everyday Bottoms

These days, the different parts of our lives have blended together, becoming more and more interspersed. In order to complement this more transitional lifestyle, our clothing should be comfortable yet functional, versatile enough to take us from personal to professional, from active to leisure, in just a snap. Our everyday bottoms should be easy and on-the-go, but also reflective of our personal styles, so we can still express ourselves while running sudden errands, getting in a quick workout between meetings, or unwinding after a long day at work.

If you are on the lookout for what to look for in your pants, skirts, shorts and more, take these style tips from these multifaceted personalities:

Staying active at home
It might be a challenge to stay active while doing your trade at home. Choose bottoms that are light and breathable, with a good stretch for your everyday wear that can also be used as your workout partner. Agatha Wong being a national Wushu athlete pays attention to her healthy lifestyle to remain on top of her game wearing UNIQLO Ultra-stretch Active Jogger Pants (retails for Php990) to help her feel cool even when she works up a sweat. “I sweat a lot, so the fabric should be very breathable, light and stretchable,” she says, making sure that her clothes are able to keep-up with her sessions. While when she’s at home, relaxing or preparing her meals she settles for a comfortable fit like the UNIQLO Cotton Relaxed Ankle Pants (retails Php790), “I usually wear something light and airy, and something loose and not that form fitting.”

Agatha Wong wears Ultra stretch jogger pants (Php790) and Cotton relaxed ankle pants (Php990)

Maximum comfort for maximum creativity
For creatives, staying comfortable is important to have a good flow of inspiration. “In my decade as a multidisciplinary artist, I’ve learned that the work can get exhausting,” Contemporary Artist & Designer Leeroy New says. “When I start creating, I always need to be comfortable so that my body moves with my vision.” With art as his expression and reaction to the world, he makes sure to present the best version of himself no matter what. In UNIQLO Chino Shorts (retails for Php990), he’s able to move freely and comfortably, while creating his next piece or simply for everyday wear.

Leeroy New on Chino short (Php990) and pants

Supporting Daily Workloads
Working from home can get exhausting, so it’s important to dress in comfortable, easy-to-style bottoms that give enough support for your daily tasks, like the UNIQLO High rise skinny jeans (for only Php1,990). For entrepreneur and model Jess Wilson, these give her maximum support especially on her hectic days running a business. “For a daily workday, I think I like to stick with comfortable outfits, something that I don’t feel constricted in and easy to style.”
UNIQLO High rise skinny jeans (PHP 1990) worn by Jess Wilson

The UNIQLO Everyday Bottoms Collection has a wide range of quality versatile bottoms essential for your next normal wardrobe. It comes with shorts, pants, and skirts made for all ages, genders, body types, and lifestyles that will fit your comfort and style. Make sure to watch the full video available on UNIQLO Philippines’ social media channels featuring the UNIQLO Everyday Bottoms items styled by your favorite influencers.
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