Create a Safe and Sound Environment for Kids with Uni-Care

With the danger that world is facing now due to the continuous spread of COVID-19, the virus is getting closer to each one of us putting all families at risk – especially our kids! Sadly, in most cases now, despite the strict safety protocol that implement, the virus became unstoppable affecting our health, our lifestyle and everything in between.

Regardless how scary it is, parents and guardians, like I do, should always put in mind that with better understanding of situation, we can protect our kids from the danger of the virus and ultimately beat the COVID-19.

Here are some helpful tips that we practice at home most especially during this time of the pandemic to keep us all safe and healthy.

1. Stay at Home and Keep Safe
Since Day 1 of this pandemic, staying at home remains one of the safest practices that we must do to keep us away from the virus spreading around. Keeping everyone at home will prevent us from bringing in any bacteria and viruses that may lead to sickness. Online shopping became so helpful during this time of our lives as it does not only provide convenience but also safety and security from the danger of the pandemic. Shopee, being the number one e-commerce platform in the country has evolve to provide us with all the essential things that we need, may it be for adults or for babies. Parents will find convenience in purchasing their kids needs online such as snacks, toys, feeding products, clothes and even diapers and wipes. The wide array of available products at its most affordable prices are now within one click.

But of course, who those who do not have an option but to go out, it is best to limit the places that you’ll visit and if its possible, schedule your trip during the time where there are lesser people in the areas that you will visit. This was you can practice safe distancing and other health protocol to avoid bringing home that virus.  
2. Keep Everything Clean
As what health professionals always tell us, keeping our environment and our body – specifically our hands – clean all the time is a good preventive measure that should keep practicing. Given the nature of the virus, it can easily be transmitted to other people, but if we will we keep the health protocols as well as we will keep our surroundings clean all the time, the presence of the virus can be lessened and sickness can be avoided.

For cleaning materials for your home and for your families, Shopee provides a great selection of items that you could choose from. One thing that I personally enjoy buying online are handwashes that usually comes with some free gift items from the sellers. You may chooses form various scents as well to add some fragrance in your bathroom or kitchen. Aside from those, Shopee also provide selection for our dental health that you and your kids could enjoy purchasing online. From various brand to different flavors, you and your kids will surely find delight on these products, most especially the ice-cream flavored toothpaste from Uni-Care.

3. Eat Healthy and Stay Happy.
Probably the least that we can do now while waiting for this pandemic to be over is to keep our selves happy. It may be hard for some people, accepting our condition and finding way to keep us moving forward despite of these obstacles will surely bring light and love to ourselves and our family. On top of that, eating healthy and staying active can keep us motivated and focus, which in return inspire us to be at our best. Healthy meals and daily exercises can give us that endorphins that makes us happy. In Shopee, you can shop your heart away from their selection of stores that offer healthy products as well as home exercise equipment that you can share with your kids.

Kids that are starting to be aware of their surrounding require physical activities to develop their mental and physical skills and doing some home exercise with their family will surely give them time to enjoy the moments that we are all staying at home.
As we are slowly seeing some light from this pandemic, let us all stay positive and healthy. Who knows, by tomorrow, we can all go out once again and enjoy the beauty of our environment like it was our first time to see the world.
Stay happy and safe, everyone!

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