Here’s Why Cleaner Air and Energy Saving Air Conditioning Units Should Be Part of Your New Year Goals

A new year means a fresh start and a chance to make things better. For homeowners, this means finding ways to give the best for their families and making everyone comfortable when they’re at home.

One of the best ways to provide comfort is to keep the home clean, especially the air. That’s because indoor areas are also polluted. In our climate most especially, high temperatures and humidity are known to increase concentrations of some pollutants. Luckily, there are now devices that tidy the home at no extra effort. Advances in technology have also made these gadgets energy efficient.

Below are some reasons why families should prioritize cleaner air and energy saving this 2022:
1. There are tons of health benefits to cleaner air. Hygienic air is tied to several health benefits, including cleaner lungs, improved skin appearance, a better mood, normalized sleep patterns, and more. With Samsung’s WindFree™ Premium Air Conditioner and WindFree™ Premium Plus Air Conditioner, families can be physically and emotionally healthier without having to worry about the pollutants inside their homes.
While both air conditioning units are already equipped with air purifiers, they still use different filter features and technologies that make them distinct from each other. The WindFree™ Premium Air Conditioner cleans the air through its Tri-Care Filter and has an Easy Filter Plus which is a dense mesh with an anti-bacterial coating, ensuring that dangerous airborne contaminants don’t make its way into the air that families breathe. The WindFree™ Premium Plus Air Conditioner on the other note uses a PM1.0 Filter to capture ultra-fine particles with 99% cleaning efficiency.
2. Electricity bills are set to go up, especially during the summer months. The weather may be cool now but the summer months are around the corner, bringing with it higher electricity bills. It’s important to have devices that will keep families cool without adding too much to expenses.
Samsung’s WindFree™ Air Conditioners come with a Digital Inverter Boost feature, which reduces energy usage by up to 77% so families can enjoy staying indoors and letting the air conditioner run longer, especially during summer. Another innovative feature of the WindFree™ Premium air conditioning units is the WindFree™ Cooling mode which is proven as an energy-efficient technology. Based on a test done in the Philippines, when this mode is turned on, it can save up to P8,996 yearly on electricity bill compared to a non-inverter unit.
3. With the right technology, families can stay cool and relaxed to help them focus throughout the day.
Because of its WindFree™ Cooling Technology, air is gently dispersed through 23,000 micro air holes, which means there is no unpleasant feeling of harsh wind on the skin. It also cools a wider area more evenly so families can stay comfortable and focused when working or studying at home.
Homeowners can now ensure clean indoor air quality with WindFree™ Premium Air Conditioners and WindFree™ Premium Plus Air Conditioners while keeping comfortably cool at home without the worry of spiking electricity bills.
They can also get these appliances at a discounted price with Samsung’s Holiday Promo, which offers convenient payment options from a straight cash discount of up to 41% off and a 12-month option with 0% installment plans! This promo runs until January 31, 2022.

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