Students Hacked Their Way Into Helping Filipinos Live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives With AIA Life Hackers 2021!

Almost 1,200 students all over the country recently came together virtually to help AIA Philippines explore new ideas on how to make Filipinos live healthier, longer, and better lives through AIA Life Hackers 2021.

Now on its third year, Life Hackers is a virtual hackfest aimed to drive the company’s relevance in young people’s lives and create meaningful connections with them. In turn, the youth are empowered to become agents of change through their proposed creative and innovative solutions which will improve the lives of many Filipinos through life insurance.

Undergraduate college students from nearly 30 schools in the Philippines signed up and joined the competition. Each were tasked to submit a proposal under three categories: Technology or Data Solution, Marketing Solution, or Product/Service solutions.
Over a course of several weeks, the students attended a series of webinars on the life insurance industry, consulted with assigned mentors, and had access to various resources and data which aided in their strategy.
From the top 15 finalists, the winning teams were Philamthropic from the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University for the Breakthrough in Technology and Breakthrough in Product and Service Innovation categories, and Dried Squid Changers from Polytechnic University of the Philippines as the champs for the Breakthrough in Marketing Solutions.

Each team was awarded PHP100,000 and a chance to intern at AIA Philippines. “All the finalists showed much promise and proved how much the youth can contribute and be agents of change for a better future,” said Kelvin Ang, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Philippines. “As we close another successful year of AIA Life Hackers 2021, we look forward to more students sharing their ideas and even more exciting concepts on how to bring to life our purpose of helping Filipinos live healthier, longer, better lives.”
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