The Trend that Keeps Us Wanting More!

There's no denying that the Korean culture has taken over the world. From their amazing food to their captivating music, award-winning movies and TV series to their trendy fashion style, everything about South Korea is just lovely to see, to eat and to have!

I, for one, is guilty of this. Their Korean TV Series are just so entertaining that when I start one TV series, in less than a week, I'm already done watching it! Haha! The influence made by these TV series and the characters in it has brought too much influence in my daily life - from food to style. That's why this Christmas, don't be surprise if you see me wearing one of these Korean-inspired shirts!

Recently, the story of Squid Games has captured the attention of the world with its outstanding character performances, plots and design that are very unique to our eyes. Who would've thought that a simple children game could be turned into one suspenseful story for  adults that has set a trend not only in the screen but also in fashion.

Then, of course there's the phenomenal BTS, who's music has rocked the world, and their captivating looks and style are to die for! From the eccentric streets of Seoul, their faces are now all over the world, topped with chart-topping hits and endorsements that their fans are craving for. 

But come to think of it, Korean's style is not that far from Japanese style and culture that has been swopping the world with its uniqueness and out-of-this-world ideas. These ideas has been inspiring some other cultures as well that it's no surprise that they resemble somehow.
But those uniqueness has also its down-side, for some who still opt the simpler ways and looks, they mellowed it down and blended with the popular one's making it still an eye-catching and worth-following style and look. For example, the tie-dye of the 80's is back with Korean inspired loose shirts and off shoulder-length fashion. I once saw BTS wearing these styles, and boom, the world of fashion is back to its tie-die era.

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These trends is a testament that fashion will keep revolving and evolving to cater to the discerning taste and style of the new generation. The statement that has marked and turned into a fashion look will keep us inspiring and pushing us to create something new and outstanding to connect with the coming generations.

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