A Quick Guide on Properly Maintaining your Air Purifier

By now, many homeowners have invested in an air purifier and enjoyed the benefits of having one. Simply put, the device sanitizes and deodorizes the air by reducing pollutants such as smoke, allergens like pollen, and many types of toxins. Like any other home device or appliance, the air purifier also requires regular maintenance to keep it running at its optimal performance.

The best way to ensure that these devices work at their best is to maintain the filters. Filters collect irritants which accumulate over time. If they are not cleaned nor maintained regularly, the irritants clog the filter and make it less effective. Imagine a filter coated with dust, pet dander, and other types of allergen. There will come a point when it can no longer sift through particles.

The frequency of cleaning and replacement depends on a variety of factors. Air quality is a key consideration. Having a pet or a smoker at home, or living near a busy road means filters need to be replaced more frequently. Air purifiers that are used daily will also need more regular changes.
Additionally, different types of filters have their own maintenance procedure and schedule. The kind that can extract large dust particles, such as pollen and pet hair, is usually washable and must be cleaned regularly depending on how frequently it is used. A HEPA filter, which can trap 0.3-sized dust like cigarette smoke particles, must be replaced every six to 12 months-- again, depending on the usage.
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Samsung makes maintenance easier with its Air Purifier with HEPA Filter. It comes with a Filter Change Alarm feature that notifies homeowners when it needs replacing.
Samsung Digital Appliances’ device also has a multi-layered purification system that ensures the air is clean and purified. The first layer is the pre-filter that traps larger dust particles. This is followed by an Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter that can remove harmful gases. Lastly, the advanced HEPA Filtration traps ultra-fine dust with 99.97% efficiency.
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The 2-in-1 Filter, which consists of the Deodorization Filter and HEPA Filter, is easily replaceable and can be purchased at select partner retail stores and samsung.com/ph/. As an added treat, Samsung Digital Appliances is giving customers a 10% discount on all filters when they purchase until December 31, 2021.
To know more about Samsung Digital Appliances’ HEPA Filter Air Purifier, visit samsung.com/ph/home-appliance-accessories/cfx-g100gb-cfx-g100-gb/.

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