OPPO Celebrates Small Businesses with an Uplifting Video Honoring Breadwinners

Global smart device brand OPPO recently launched a new video in time for the Christmas season, paying tribute to those who have had to put their dreams aside and get resourceful during the pandemic. The video shows a family, hopeful and full of wonder at first, and suddenly faced with the effects of lockdowns in the country. Told from the perspective of the breadwinner of the family, the video shows how he chose a high-powered smartphone to revive his business, and keep his younger brother’s dreams of graduating alive.

The video encapsulates what many Filipinos went through in the past two years, having to pivot their careers and prioritizing their needs over desires. The video ends on a hopeful note, showing how the family was able to rise back up through sheer resourcefulness and creativity.

With the help of OPPO and its powerful camera technologies plus social media, the family was able to work on their sapin-sapin business together, and reignite joy into their lives, despite the hardships.

OPPO continues its mission to help micro and small business owners keep and even grow their initiatives and this year, partnered with Let’s Eat Pare, a well-known food discovery platform and community, to shine the spotlight on the best restaurants, baked goods, and home meals in town that you might not have heard of just yet. Through this partnership, OPPO boosts traffic to ten verified Let’s Eat Pare merchants by offering exclusive discounts and freebies through its MyOPPO App, hoping to keep their holiday season busy with new customers.

Support your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite small food businesses, and enjoy all of these special Let’s Eat Pare offers, discounts and more this festive season with the MyOPPO App, OPPO’s exclusive rewards program community, until December 31, 2021.

To know more about MyOPPO App, visit the App Market, OPPO’s official website at www.oppo.com/ph or via official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.

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