Infinite Possibilities’ MINO, Expands the Spectrum with the 3rd Full-Length Album “TO INFINITY.”

MINO of WINNER has returned with a new concept of ‘Digital Gun Man’ proving his own music spectrum. Entitled “TO INFINITY.”, the third album was inspired by the famous line “To Infinity and Beyond” of the animation Toy Story and showcases his infinite love for his fans.

Previously, YG explained that MINO’s second album is “really ‘MINO-like’ album and MINO’s identity itself.” Meanwhile, “TO INFINITY.” showed his confidence in this comeback album. He participated in the writing, composing, and arranging all songs that feature blends of his own hip-hop swag, sexy mood, and experimental sound. MINO mentions that this third album is a particularly lovely album with the concept of ‘city cowboy'. He also added that he wants to bring out the modern vibe through emoticons included in the song title and expressed each songs entertainingly. 

The album single ‘Tang!♡’, stands out with passionate lyrics that tackles willingness to give up everything to get love.

MINO’s third full-length album “TO INFINITY.” is now available via / For those who will buy the album, they can get an opportunity to participate in a video call fan sign event with MINO, or will receive a signed Polaroid, signed CD, and an exclusive selfie photo card and handwritten message card from MINO.


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