HUAWEI Reimagines Monitor Technology this 2021: Productivity Boosted with Top-Notch Display Performance

The market demand for desktop set-ups has increased meteorically over the course of the global health challenge. Causing this is the new demand for work from home set-ups as corporate employees and students stay isolated at home to work and study remotely. As research from the world over shows that secondary screens boost productivity, even the laptop-using majority has purchased a new support monitor, enhancing their experience of work, study and entertainment with greater levels of immersion.

However, what’s expected of monitors go beyond just screen performance. The consumer market are expecting more dynamic technologies to be packed within screens as a future of wireless synergy gains popularity.

Huawei has officially entered the display industry, hoping to drive further the development of the entire display industry. Inheriting Huawei’s innate quality for all-scenario interconnectivity, Huawei’s new displays are forging a new trajectory in the display industry.
In terms of consumer products, Huawei is committed to building a quality brand with leading levels of innovation and trust, always focusing on quality. Through continuous innovation, Huawei has brought its experience in the smartphone industry to various new fields. As a new product category, Huawei displays continue the aesthetic, innovative and intelligent DNA of Huawei’s product family. It also adds smart new features such as connectivity to differentiate it from competitors and provide users with a better, more professional and efficient All-scenario Smart AI Life experience. 
As the world prepares to embrace the changing reality of remote working and hybrid work set-ups come 2022, HUAWEI has launched three smart monitors made for Filipino gaming champs and corporate highfliers -- Huawei MateView, Huawei MateView GT and Huawei MateView GT 27”.

HUAWEI MateView: Sharing the technological innovation of the Mate Series
The HUAWEI Mate Series has always been considered synonymous with cutting-edge technology. Huawei is continuing to reach new heights of technology, always bringing the ultimate experience with industry-leading technologies. With ground-breaking and iconic design expertise, the Mate Series has become a unique brand symbol in the industry and a household name for many consumers, synonymous with quality and reliability. Each generation of the Mate Series is an expression of Huawei’s cutting-edge technology, representing each new step of the company’s technological progress.
Huawei has already accumulated comprehensive technological expertise in the fields of smartphones, notebooks and tablets. It has also quickly managed to extend its reputation for innovative technologies and quality craftsmanship into the new category of displays. To enable more consumers to enjoy this exquisite craftsmanship, innovative technology and intelligent experience of the flagship Mate Series, the new flagship HUAWEI MateView display brand was created. The series was pioneered to push further the Mate brand, bridging the gap between displays and mobiles, notebooks and tablets.

The launch of the Huawei MateView GT marks the tech giant’s entry into the monitor market. Tagged as the new gaming view of champions, the Huawei MateView GT features a curved ultrawide display that supports a refresh rate of 165Hz, with an innovative integrated SoundBar. Its curved 21:9, 34-inch display with 1500R curvature, supports a resolution of 3440x1440.
It is designed to maximize gaming performance and create an immersive entertainment experience for players. In terms of color performance, the HUAWEI MateView GT boosts color accuracy for games and video editing as it supports DCI-P3 color space. Every single panel is professionally calibrated to have Delta E value of <2. Furthermore, the HUAWEI MateView GT supports a peak brightness of 350 nits and a contrast ratio of 4000:1, as well as HDR 10 to make the content more realistic.
Following the Huawei MateView is its smaller yet top-notch sibling, the Huawei MateView 27”.

Tech critics from the world over also laud the powerful set of hardware and software packed within the thin frame of the premium standalone monitor HUAWEI MateView. The HUAWEI MateView GT 27” features a 27-inch screen panel with a mainstream aspect ratio of 16:9 which can adapt to popular games and movies. Whether it is used for work or as a video game monitor, HUAWEI MateView GT 27” delivers awesome visuals with no black borders on the screen. In fact, the idea of a curved monitor stems from a movie screen design to deliver a better viewing experience with a golden curvature of 1500R.
The screen displays no longer just support peripherals these days. Display technology plays a crucial role in the success of corporate employees, gaming champs and even academic achievers. Huawei ensures that all of its monitor offers come with technology essential for high flying Filipinos -- from multi-device interconnectivity to top-tier screen innovations.
The Huawei MateView GT 34”, MateView GT 27” and MateView are priced at P28,999, P18,999 and P34,999 respectively. This Christmas, enjoy these premium monitors with special freebies and promos worth up to P5499 (mateview). Interested customers may check these displays out in all Huawei Experience Stores, Huawei Online Store and flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.
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