Cook & Play Your Way this Christmas!

While the rest of the country are starting to enjoy the outdoors, there are still some people who prefer to stay at home, most especially during this crazy Holiday Season. It’s better safe than sorry, I guess. So, for those people like me who prefer quality time with their loved ones at home, you might want to learn a thing or two about cooking – and playing - through Culinary School’s Kids Games!

Holidays is a season of cooking and playing for most of us. While parents are busy preparing the Holiday feast, kids are usually entertained by games and other leisure stuff that can be done inside their home. For parents who are looking for a way to inspire their kids into being one of the renowned chefs in the world, CulinarySchool.Org has created a site dedicated for young ones who aspire to be a chef someday.

With over 100 online games filled with insightful, interesting, exciting and learning ideas, Culinary School’s Kids Games will surely fill your kids’ Holiday season with lots of interesting things – and who knows? Maybe next year, they’ll be the one taking in charge of your kitchen!
A Tasty Adventure

Kids aged 10 and below will surely get a whole lot of exciting time with Tasty Kingdom as it explores new areas while learning trivial things about healthy food. A simple yet learning platform that entices good eating habit, this game will require your kids to know how to control the cursors up, down, left, and right to reach the end of each level.  There are some challenges along the way, which I find a good practice for your kids’ mind to strategize and achieve their goal.
Beat it!

For the game of agility, the Fast Food Combat will trigger your kids enthusiastic mind as they race to eat the healthy food that will flash on the screen. The screen will also flash some bad food that will make you’re the player sick or slow, so the game of strategy is still an important factor to include to win the battle. This game might seem simple, but I assure you, it gets as challenging as you hope it could be as the level increases.
Relax and Pair It!

If you and your kids just want a relaxing yet still fun game, then this Find Pair is the perfect solution to it. As simple as it may seem, seeing stack of food all over the place and finding its partner could still be challenge that will not make you crazy. Toddlers can find this one entertaining, and I think some adult too. I find it a really nice game if you just want to kill some time while baking.
Culinary School’s Kids Games is still growing and in the coming months, I’m sure that you’ll find more food-related online games that you can enjoy here with your family and friends. Other interesting section of games available in the site includes: Cooking and Kitchen Work, Food Education Games, Serving Eaters, Farming, and other fun food-themed games. The site is also boost with other classic formats that will give you that same excitement, thrill and learning time.
These games can be played on desktop, laptop or even on mobile phone. For more exciting moments, you can even cast or mirror your game on a bigger screen for everyone to see. You can host a wholesome night with family and friends by creating a friendly competition that I’m sure will be memorable to everyone.
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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