What Newlyweds Should Know When Looking For Homes

Getting married and buying a home together are giant steps in any relationship. There's the underlying promise of starting a family together while taking on the monetary stress of a mortgage. If you're recently married and inspired to look at homes, here are a few things you should know so that you go into this hunt completely prepared!

There are Programs to Make First Homes More Affordable

Everyone knows that a downpayment for a home is expensive, and often this is one of the few things that holds people back from even considering buying a house. But, instead of letting that scare you off, there are programs available. First-time homebuyers can often have their downpayment completely covered by grants or get loans that allow this large payment to be folded into the mortgage itself.

It would be best if you still tried to find a home at the lower end of your budget, but these programs ensure you don't have to drop as much money on your property as you assumed.

It’s Okay to Disagree as Long as You Communicate
Most couples have different tastes and visions for their home, so don't allow yourself to get swept up in a fight nobody can win. Instead of making it a game of 'who gets what they want' - create a clear channel of communication where you both can air what you feel and what you'd like. It's okay to disagree on what cabinet color is better, but don't let it become a screaming match. Learning to communicate early in a relationship will ensure that it lasts far longer and is happier and more fun for both of you. You're buying this house for your future; show each other how excited you are about that.

The First Home You Buy Doesn't Have To Be Forever.
Looking at homes for sale in Vancouver can feel like building your futures together, and in a way, it is! You're making a financial decision together that could turn out fantastic results in ten to twenty years, or it could land you in severe debt if you're not careful.

Don't try to buy a home with too much space or too many pieces, if it's at the top of your budget. You may have five children down the road, but right now, if you can't afford a
 six-bedroom home, you don't need to think about that yet. This first home can be an investment that allows you to buy a larger home down the road.

Don't Take On Projects That You May Not Finish.
Nobody buys a project house thinking that they’ll never update it. We all have the inspiration and hope that we could make this home perfect for yourselves, yet so many of us fall short. Instead of making the ideal home, the projects sit there for months or years and become a source of fighting and discontent in the relationship.
If there's a large project the house needs, or dozens of small ones, talk it over thoroughly and clarify that you'll work on it together. If you can't be sure this will happen, look at a different home.

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