Samsung Philippines Launches Bespoke Refrigerator: A Unique Way to Personalize Your Kitchen Space

When the word bespoke is mentioned, the image that comes to mind is a tailored suit or an experience personally designed for an individual. It evokes exclusivity and uniqueness. Samsung Digital Appliances is applying this concept of made-to-measure to its latest innovation: the Bespoke Refrigerator.

Keeping in mind its dedication to meet consumers’ evolving needs and lifestyle, the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator introduces a whole new dimension of customizable home appliances that gives homeowners the freedom to choose their own configurations like material and color. Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator comes in a modular design which are in a 1 Door Flex Convertible Freezer and Fridge and a Bottom Mount Freezer. These can be mixed, matched and combined to the consumers’ needs and wants: giving flexibility not just in design but also in storage space! 

The Bespoke Refrigerator comes in Cotta White and Cotta Charcoal colors once you buy them in-store and you can customize it with glass panels that are sold separately. The available colors are in Glam Glass Pink, White, Navy and Satin Glass Sky Blue. The default colors cotta white and cotta charcoal are best for neutral-colored spaces while you can make your kitchens stand out elegantly with the Glass panels. Installation services for the panels are also free and just need to book through the Samsung Customer service hotline for installation assistance.
Here are the two available models of Bespoke:
A Bottom Mount Freezer
The Samsung Bottom Mount Freezer refrigerator just got better with the Samsung Bespoke. Aside from customizable colors, it also has special storage features for your convenience. All-Around Cooling Technology circulates air evenly from corner to corner to keep food fresher for longer. A Full Open Box that can store a wide variety of items, including those with hefty packaging. A Big Guard Shelf can be attached to the interior wall for tall bottles and pitchers. This can store containers that can hold up to three liters and comes with two additional rows for cans.
1Door Flex Refrigerator
Known as an innovative brand, Samsung’s newest refrigerator does not just have a sleek and customizable exterior but is even has convertible storage. The new 1Door Flex Refrigerator can be converted into a freezer or a fridge depending on your storage needs with Flex Freeze! It even has a Power Freeze function that lowers the freezer temperature to freeze food faster. Aside from All-Around Cooling, it also has a Metal Cooling plate that maintains the optimal internal temperature, especially when the door is open. 
Both refrigerators are No Frost and have Digital Inverter Compressors.
Aside from customizing your refrigerators with the exterior that matches your taste and your kitchen, you can also combine as much as you’d like:
A 1 Door Flex Convertible and one Bottom Mount Freezer

For bigger homes and families, you can start out with a combination of A 1 Door Flex Convertible and one Bottom Mount Freezer. This is similar to the Side by Side Plus offered by Samsung, such that it has three storage components. Through this combination, you can have more of the storage space that you need!

Two 1 Door Flex Convertibles

This mimics a traditional side by side refrigerator with the added advantage of converting both 1 Door units to a fridge or freezer depending on your need. Flex Freeze can convert the freezer into a fridge for more space. With two 1 Dr Flex Convertibles, you can neatly store and organize food, drinks, and cooking ingredients and get more of the storage space that you need!
One 1 Door Flex Convertible and two Bottom Mount Freezers
Have a bigger home? If you want more storage space, you can combine more Bespoke refs together. A configuration that links a 1 Door Flex Convertible and two Bottom Mount Freezers affords flexibility for those with bulky food items. This is especially true for the Bottom Mount Freezer, which comes with spacious freezer drawers to keep an organized space!
Four 1 Door Flex Convertibles
This setup promises flexibility as the units can be used as refrigerators or freezers. Those looking to freeze items quicklycan simply press the Power Freeze buttonwhich sets the temperature at the lowest level and rapidly blasts the space with intensely cold air. A Slim Ice Maker promises bigger freezer space.
Two 1 Door Flex Convertibles and two Bottom Mount Freezers
This offers the ultimate flexibility. It is the recommended configuration for large families and chefs. Despite its size, it’s easy to maintain since each module works independently. Moreover, No Frost enhances air circulation to maintain a constant temperature. This prevents the buildup of ice and puts less demand on the cooling system. It also saves time and power when defrosting. A Digital Inverter Compressor makes it more durable, quieter, and certified to work for 21 years.
The Bespoke Refrigerator comes with door panels that can be personalized according to the kitchen’s interior design. Homeowners can also tailor their own Bespoke Refrigerator’s look by customizing the color, material, and finish of the door panels.
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