Entertainment-on-the-Go with Platinum KS100

By now, most of us are longing to spend some bonding time with our family and friends outside our houses - traveling to some new places, dining out happily or just a night at your favorite karaoke bar. It might take some more months until we really get to enjoy the outdoors once again, so jus in case you really eager to sing your hearts out, why not checkout your desired karaoke player from you favorite online store and let that vocal prowess be heard.

This Shopee 10.10 Big Brands Sale, Platinum Karaoke joins Shopee in its effort to bring delight to many homes through their exciting deals and promo of Platinum Karaoke Players!

A well-love brand when it comes to karaoke machines and singing machines in the Philippines, Platinum Karaoke is set to bring music into celebrations and bonding moments at home with their newest Platinum KS100 Minibox Karaoke Player.

Also comes with Digital TV BOX, the Platinum KS100 Minibox Karaoke Player is the most affordable SD card karaoke player from Platinum that you could find in the market now. This latest entertainment innovation from Platinum is car and solar-power ready, and supported by adventure-ready Platinum Link App that provides utmost convenience and entertainment wherever you go.
The Platinum KS100 Minibox Karaoke Player is made of shockproof materials, making it maintenance free and has an expandable User USB that can play more than 16,000 English and OPM karaoke songs. It has 4 months song update, multiple background videos, on-screen song search, intelligent scoring and supports music and video playback via USB interface.

For other exciting items from Platinum this Shopee 10.10 Big Brands Sale, you may visit Platinum Karaoke Shopee Mall!

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