Get that Classy and Trendy Style with Peculiar Eyewear!

Eye fatigue has been one of the leading concerns for some people now due to spending so much time in their mobile phones, laptops or tablets. Kids and adults are both affected by these concern causing an increase of number of people wearing eye wears to meet their needs, protection and safety.

In the Philippines, eye health is one of the many problems among Filipino individuals – young and old - that are often disregarded during the early stage and became a major problem in the end. To address this growing concern, there are various eye care clinics and eyewear brands that have been promoting safe and stylish products that good for our eyes.

Peculiar Eyewear, an eyewear developer in the Philippines has a certification for UV400 and BlueLight blocking technology, and has been named as the most trusted eyewear by pro-gamers, celebrities, beauty queens and eye doctors, are offering various eyewear products that suit not only our eyes need but also our styles.
Peculiar Eyewear products boast with Photochromic lenses that gives that clear lens indoor while get the optimum protection as a sunglass out door.
I recently received the Peculiar x Ces.Style Classy eye glasses that has baby silver transition and pro-antiradiation. Its original price is at PHP7,390, and since its’ Shopee’s 10.10 Big Brands Sales, I just got it for only PHP1,502.

Peculiar x Ces.Style Classy Eye Glasses
I also have the 100ml Peculiar anti-fog Spray-Tap-Dry Fog Free Vision Lens Cleaner for longer film protection, which is originally priced at PHP689, an is now available for only PHP651 through Shopee.

 100ml Peculiar Anti-fog Spray-Tap-Dry
Fog Free Vision Lens Cleaner
Since I’ve seen driving to work every day, and spending some time under the sun, with my eyes all exposed – I’m hoping that this new stylish eyeglass can help me from getting headache and other eye irritation due to too much exposure from harmful rays.
Peculiar Eyewear takes pride of being a local company for seven year now and has been continuously partnering with various eye doctors to make sure that their products are of high standards and will be beneficial to its users. They been recognized as the number one computer eyewear in the Philippines and all of their eyewear have passed the international standard and Spectrometer test.
To know more about Peculiar Eyewear and their other products, you can visit the Shopee Mall. You can also follow them on their social media accounts: FacebookInstagramTiktok and Youtube.

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