Colgate Total Mouthwash: The Protection Our Mouth Deserves

With most of our time now being spent wearing face masks and face shields, oral care plays a vital role to keep us fresh and away from other virus and infection. Oral health has been one of the main programs of the Department of Health as it is fundamental to overall health, well-being and quality of Filipinos. Having a healthy mouth enables us to eat, speak and socialize without pain, discomfort or embarrassment.

In the Philippines with various groups pushing for a better Health Programs for kids and adult alike, one trusted global brand has been promoting total protection that will keep not only us but also our families away from harm - Colgate

Among the oral hygiene instruments that Colgate is pushing is its Colgate Mouthwash - a liquid product used to rinse teeth, gums, and mouth and helps reduce the bacteria in our mouth as well as the amount of dental plaque that forms within. Powered with Zinc Antibacterial Shield, the Colgate Total Mouthwash promotes 10 oral health benefits, which includes helps fight cavities, kills 99.9% bacteria, freshens breath, provides 10 times longer cooling, helps reduce plaque, promotes healthier gums, prevents tartar build-up, detoxifies the mouth, controls bad breath and gives us cleaner mouth.

This 10.10 Big Brands Sale, Shopee and Colgate invite everyone to go for greatness with the new Colgate Total Mouthwash. Its advanced formula provides 12hr superior protection that gives healthier mouth. Available in two variants, the Colgate Total Antibacterial Professional Clean Mint Mouthwash also comes in two sizes, the 250ml and 500ml.

To check out promos and deals, you may visit Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Shopee Mall here: You may also follow them on their social media accounts: FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube.

Stay healthy and happy, everyone!

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