#AlexCooks and #AlexBakes Must-Haves from Shopee 10.10 Big Brands Giveaway!

Cooking and baking has been my stress-reliever for the past months. I’m glad that somehow, I’m learning some homecooked meals that I used to enjoy when my Mom was still with us. Her heirloom recipes such as her Kare-kare and Beef Caldereta are my favorites! And now that I’m taking over her kitchen, I can’t help but to wish to have some updated cook wares that could help me be a better home cook!

This October 10, Shopee and Chef’s Classic’s are treating its followers and shoppers to an amazing deal that I myself can’t wait to enjoy!

I’m a happy Chef’s Classic’s users. Their affordable baking tools came handy during those times that I’m starting my baking journey. And now that, I’m somehow getting the hoops of baking, I’m planning to expand my collection of cooking and baking wares further by adding some of these items that I saw on Shopee recently:
1. Chef's Classics Lee Plaza 30th Anniversary Non-Stick Frypan, 24cm

Having a reliable non-stick frypan is something that every household should. Not only it’s good for cooking, having a non-stick frypan also comes handy in baking! For instance, in our household whir we have an 8-year old girl who loves pancakes, this Chef’s Classics’ Lee Plaza 30th Anniversary 24cm non-stick pan will surely give us that perfectly cooked pancake.
It’s three-layer Teflon non-stick coating, and ergonomic riveted Bakelite handle works are made to provide extra durability and high-heat resistance. While its honeycomb design induction bottom is also made perfectly for induction cooker or gas range.
2. Chef's Classics Sunflower Stainless-Steel Low Casserole, 28cm

Next on my list is this Chef’s Classics Sunflower Stainless-Steel Low Casserole. The main reason why I want to have this stainless-steel low casserole is because every time I watch my chef-friends cooking in this type of casserole, I find every dish that they cook appetizing and truly remarkable. And since I’m inggitero, I would really want to have this type. Actually, I really won’t mind if I’ll have a whole set of this type of kitchen ware. Hehe.
The Sunflower cookware series is made perfect for just about any type of dish you have in mind. Made with high-quality stainless steel that is both a pleasure to look at and a breeze to clean. This set is also specially designed to suit a wide variety of cooking techniques, in gas, electric or induction stoves. Each piece boasts of fully welded stainless-steel knobs and handles and a durable three-layer thermic induction bottom.

The last but certainly not the least Chef's Classics item that I would want it this 24cm Non-Stick Carbon Fiber Saucepot, which is lightweight, durable, and cooks and cleans with ease. This item comes from Chef’s Classic Carbon Fiber series that are non-reactive non-stick cookware that combines the wonderful benefits of aluminum and non-stick material.
A perfect tool for melting chocolates and butter during baking, this item is made of cold-forged aluminum cookware finished with a tough, non-stick Greblon coating, which is considered as some of the finest cookware. Its aluminum body absorbs and retains heat well, while the non-stick coating protects it from reacting with acidic food. So, whether you plan on slow cooking meats, cook bigger batches of soups and stocks, boil water, or deep fry – this Chef’s Classic Carbon Fiber Non-Stick Saucepot provides you versatility that will add joy and excitement in the kitchen.
This 10.10 Big Brands Giveaway, Shopee and Chef’s Classics will be offering great discounts and deals that aspiring cooks and bakers will love. There will also be Cashback promos, that everyone can avail in the days towards Shopee 10.10 Big Brands Sale!
For other items, you can checkout Chef Classic’s shop on Shopee!

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