Cancer-help Group Aims For Congressional Seat

October 1st marks the official start of the 2022 National Election in the Philippines. With various individuals, groups and representations all heading to the Commission on Elections to file their candidacy,  cancer-help advocate Cancer Party-List, plans to take their advocacy to the congress to further ramp up its aid to different individual and families who are battling their fight against the Big C.

Led by its leader, Dr. Dario Lapada, Jr. or Dr. Jun to his patients, Cancer Party-List wishes to represent the marginalized sector of cancer patients who are in need to better care and assistance from the government.

"It was in 2001 when we incorporated Cancer Party-List, through our family's advocacy to help other people and their families battle their fight against Cancer. Being a son of a cancer survivor, I can honestly testify the hardships - physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially - a person and their loved ones have to face. And for over the past years, despite of various health-care programs implemented by the government, the lack of proper legislation to address the growing needs of our kababayans who are suffering from this non-communicable disease (NCD) should be a top priority as well, most especially during this time of the pandemic," Dr. Jun shared.

With the United support of cancer patients and their families across different parts of the country, medical professionals and health advocate groups, civil society organizations, Cancer Party-List is determined to exert its best efforts in order to provide a caring environment that shall prioritize the total well-being of patients as well as their family members.

Cancer Party-List also aims to instill in the minds of the public a deeper consciousness about the disease through a more aggressive informative and educative approach. Most importantly, the group is committed to providing the proportionate assistance and support service with the end objective of enhancing the chances of survival of every cancer patient, as much as humanly possible, assuring help through every treatment and rehabilitation.

"The ongoing pandemic didn't stop the group in assisting and helping our members and their loved ones. In fact, during this pandemic, we also adopted some communities in Quezon City where we provided solar lights that could help them as they safe and secure in their homes. We also assisted the medical community through the distribution of medical supplies and  medicines that would help COVID-19 patients regain their immune system and battle the virus," shared Ms. Catherine Ronquillo, Cancer-Party-List Nominee.

Cancer is the Philippines second deadliest killer. In the 2020 data at Globocan there are about 150,000 new cases of cancer in the country, led by Breast Cancer, which is about 18% of these new cases, followed by Lung Cancer at 12% and Colorectal at 11%. Lung Cancer is very common to Filipino men, while Breast Cancer still serve as a huge to threat to Filipino women.

While there are various programs and assistance delegated to cancer patients and their families, Cancer Party-List t strengthen this programs and revolutionize the awareness on this disease.

To know more about Cancer Party-List, you may visit their official website You can also follow them on Facebook and Youtube.

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