Maharlika Sets to Strengthen Developmental Skills of Filipinos

“We want every Filipino to take action by participating in the development of the country while providing assistance to varios sectors of the society that enrich our cultural heritage,” Alvin Sahagun, First Nominee, Maharlika Partylist

Alvin Sahagun, First Nominee, Maharlika Partylist

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people their lives. These changes has brought out not only discrepancy but also pushes for new ways and means to continue living regardless of quarantine protocols and lockdown.

Reaching out to various communities and groups with social and economic needs are no different for Maharlika Partylist, a group that aims to represent a marginalized sector that encourages development among Filipino citizen by creating equal opportunities, developing skills and re-education of people. Targeting to enrich culture and education, provide livelihood and wholistic development among Filipino, Maharlika Partylist will be represented by its First Nominee Mr. Alvin Sahagun. 

Sahagun, a proud member of Aeta Tribe of Zambales, is a philanthropist, social entrepreneurship advocate and champion of humanitarian mission. He is also a member of Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, JCI Makati, Rotary Club Makati and Business Network Incorporated (BNI).

Sahagun was awarded Hero of the Year at the 15th Gawad Filipino Heroes Award in 2019. He also served as ambassador of Humanitarian and E-Commerce Industry as well as advocate on Eco-saver and Environment.

James Salas, Nominee of Maharlika Partylist

“In Maharlika, we open the mind of our people on livelihood, and through this, we can advocate development in ourselves, our community and our nation,” Sahagun added.

The group shares the meaning of MAHARLIKA:
A-lyansa para sa
H-alaga ng kultura, ksaysayan, at
A-dbokasiya tungo sa
L-iderato at
I-deolohiya ng
K-ahusayan at 
A-senso ng lahing Pilipino

Maharlika Partylist platform of government includes providing equal opportunity to Indigenous People and new generation, strengthening livelihood, financial institution and entrepreneurship program and development of culture and heritage of Maharlikang Pilipino.

Currently, Maharlika has more than 80,000 members across the country. The group was organized in 2017 primarily educating people through entrepreneurial leadership and development. Sahagun will be joined by Mr. James Salas and Mr. Gilbret Trani.

“We’ve been providing entrepreneurial assistance to various sectors even before the pandemic, and we hope, if we were given a chance, to expand our programs in various ares of the country, primarily providing much needed support to the Indigenous People,” Sahagun concluded.

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