Staying Comfortable and Relax with Inspi’s Statement Shirts

Nowadays, we find ways and means to feel comfortable and safe despite of all the crises we're facing. The world will continue revolving and as much as we want things to be normal again, we must face everything with courage and calm - armed with stronger immunity and mental health.

Speaking of mental health, since last year, I started gaining interest in gardening, cooking and baking. Another past time that I love to do recently as well is checking out Shopee. If you are following me on my social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter – you’ll probably aware of the things that I discover and bought from different e-commerce platforms available in our country now.

And since I’ve been spending tons of my time on Shopee, I won’t deny that I’ve developed love to some of its brands – Inspi being one of them. Their affordable and good-quality shirts bring joy to my soul every time my orders arrive. My family are also enjoying this brand mainly because of its statement shirts that are hit among the younger members.
INSPI Oversized Shirt Collection Graphic Tshirt For Men Women Unisex Korean Fashion PHP199.00
For K-Pop fans like we do, these oversized unisex graphic shirt are perfect to give your edgy yet comfortable style even at the comfort our your home. A round neck, premium cotton shirt that carries silk-screen graphic print, this style is a hit among my niece whom I’m often caught watching female K-Pop groups that show the boyish style with angelic faces. This coming 9.9 Super Shopping Day, you can avail this for only PHP175.00
INSPI BTS Inspired Oversized Shirt Collection Graphic Tshirt For Men Women Unisex Korean Fashion - PHP 259
Speaking of K-Pop, I’m sure you will all agree that BTS is the most popular one. No surprise that their style and music influenced many brands around the globe including Inspi. Carrying some of the brands popular hits and one-liners, this Inspi BTS Oversized Shirt made me to avail one for my self just for the sake of showing my support to BTS and the whole global Army. Haha! And this Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, these items will be available for only PHP239 only.

Last on our list for today, to complete your look or if you just to get cozy during this wet season or be prepared in the coming cold season, this Korean inspired bomber jacket will give a nice and comfortable style whether if you are staying at home or doing some errands outside. This bomber jacket comes in six different style that fits to both male and female, and made with cotton for complete comfort. Currently, it is priced at PHP219, but come this Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, this will be available for only PHp189.

So, I hope, despite of all these issues concerning our safety and security, you'll still find comfort at peace with your family and friends at home. And while we're all waiting for the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors again, may the comfort of online shopping lessen the worries you have in mind. Happy Shopee-ing!


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