Break Time with Online Games

Nowadays, most of us – young and adults – are spending so much time on their mobile phones and laptops browsing through various websites and social networking sites. It’s one hobby that adds stress to our lives including the fact that most of us are asked to stay at home for safety and security. Good thing, there are still some sites that offer pure entertainment to us that will help us relax and unwind and just forgetting the crisis that we are in.

I, for one, am guilty of these habits and sometimes I forgot that I’m just scanning through my social media accounts feeling irritated and annoyed with the news and whatnots. I’m just glad that since I stumbled upon, I’m spending much more time on various games that I used to enjoy when I was a kid.

Imagine, there’s like 35 Solitaire games that are playable and even some of these have sub categories that can make or break you. I’m only familiar with the Classic and the Spider Solitaire since these are the common games that we have learn form our elders as well as available in the early versions of Windows.

In, they highlight the 5 core games, which are set to stimulate your mind and practice strategic decision making and focus. These 5 core games include Klondike, which is the classic solitaire; the Freecell, which lets you play solitaire in only four free cells that you can temporarily store cards in; then there’s the Spider, which let you create a royal flush on the tableau to remove the cards from the playing field; the Pyramid that sum pairs of cards to 13, with the king having the value of 13; Tripeaks, which emanates three overlapping pyramids where you can remove cards one above or below the top card on the waste pile; and the Golf or the 35 cards across 7 columns in the tableau with 17 cards in the stock pile.
In the online version of these Solitaire games, provided us with better understanding and tutorial of each of these games, along with videos and text explanation, which you can find at the bottom part of each page. The website also some strategy that you can pick-up and use as you play each of their games.

The website is pretty new, but I’m happy how they manage to collect and offer other exciting traditional games that are have been made a digital version. For instance, if you are up for some strategic Asian games, there’s the Mahjong Tile Games; for those who have keen eyes, there’s the Hidden Object Games; then, there are also other Card Games that will surely enhances your mind; for some recent games, the website offer Match 3 Games; my favorite Sodoku, Arcade Games and many more…

So, if you are up for some mind game that will distract you from the crazy happenings outside, then grab a chair, open your laptop and checkout the exciting offerings of I’m pretty sure that they have something that entice you and entertain you.

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