Life Made More Sleeker with HUAWEI Watch 3

Just when I thought having HUAWEI Fit is already enough for me, the sleek and very stylish look of the new HUAWEI Watch 3 caught my attention and impresses me more with its astonishing features that I’m sure you’ll also love.

Since I’m required to go to the office every day, carrying a handy yet posh smartwatch around my wrist came in so convenient at a time when health is everyone's utmost concern. An upgraded version from its predecessors in so many ways, HUAWEI Watch 3 provides a step-up on HUAWEI’s all-around professional health and fitness management as well as further connectivity with other gadgets giving its users a smooth and efficient experience whether you are active or not.

HUAWEI Watch 3 possesses an upgraded TruSeen 4.5+ that provides information on blood oxygen and the TruSeen TM 4.5 that monitors heart rate through its 6-in-1 LED and 4 photodiodes. And since lately knowing your body temperature is important wherever you go as well, the new HUAWEI Watch 3 also comes with Skin Temperature Detector that provides an accurate and time-to-time report on your body heat giving me peace of mind whenever my feeling changes.

I'm loving the upgrade HUAWEI made with the blood oxygen and heart monitoring rate, not only it gives this accurate reports, it only provides a wider range of report that I can really monitor and help me in my every day life. Same goes with the heart rate monitor that also provide equal results that engages me to live a healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, despite of the its large face, the HUAWEI Watch 3 offers premium design that regardless of any appointment that I have to attend to - whether for work or for personal, I can easily sport this watch and provide me with stylish look. HUAWEI Watch 3's larger curvature 3D glass technology gives that eye-catching look with high-end technology and smart experience that I enjoy. And since it is compatible with various gadgets and operating system, I can easily connect it to the various gadget gadgets that I'm using.

Aside from that, the convenience that this smartwatch provide is also accompanied my amazing features that I can easily customized using the HUAWEI Health app. Currently, due to various apps that you can use - including making and receiving a call - the battery life lasts at most 4 days, which is not bad. But if you are hoping you maximize the ultra-battery long life of this gadget, you can easily turn off some applications and voila, you can enjoy this watch for more than a week.

Currently, the only available variation of this new HUAWEI Watch 3 is the Graphite Black that has this sapphire polished back case and titanium metal. It also has this classic metal buckle along with Fluoroelastomer wrist strap that provide additional comport.

The HUAWEI Watch 3 is now retailed for only PHP17,999 at

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