#AlexReviews: HUAWEI Watch 3

Since I was introduced to HUAWEI wearables in 2019, I’ve been using HUAWEI’s wrist gadgets since then. I’m so happy with the performance and capability of their innovation that whenever I learn about something new and better from them, I make sure that I’m well informed about it, and if budget permits, I’ll get one for myself.

Just this year, HUAWEI launched their latest upgrade on the HUAWEI Watch – The HUAWEI Watch 3. A sophisticated and more powerful upgrade from its predecessor, this latest technology is said to be made with high-end intelligent technology (eSim Technology), boosts with an all-around professional sports and health management powered with Ultra-long battery life.

I’ve been using HUAWEI Watch 3 for more than two weeks now, and even though I may not that physically active yet due to the ongoing community quarantines, I can say that the latest features and capabilities of this watch fit my need whether I’m out to do some errands or just at home doing some household chores - or just relaxing.
Designed With Utmost Precision
There’s no denying that what attracts me to this watch is its sophisticated and well-polished look. A smartwatch that fits whether you're wearing formal attire or just out to do some physical activities, this device despite having a big interface hanging on my wrist, provides such comfort and style while giving me that much-needed information on time, date, weather, health and more.

Made with stainless steel and ceramic, the interface of the HUAWEI Watch 3 weighs about 54 grams with a 1.43-inch AMOLED color screen, full-screen touch operations, and 466 x 466 pixels, PPI 326 resolution.

The strap is made with Fluoroelastomer, a fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber, which is said to generally have wide chemical resistance providing a good grasp around my wrist. Unlike the other wearable that I had, this one comes with a traditional watch buckle, which is made of metal for a good lock around my hand.

What's more interesting about the look of this new smartwatch is the changeable face that comes with 30 pre-installed designs, including animated images that provide a more astonishing customized experience for me. If you want to make it more personalized, you can create your animated faces using a 5-10-second video taken from your smartphone.

As for the apps inside this HUAWEI Watch 3, they come more organized and clear now, which made it easier to navigate around providing natural and smooth usage.
Made to Impress and to Provide More Than What We Need
The HUAWEI Watch 3 takes pride in its 4G eSIM feature that lets its users maximize and enjoy this smartwatch more. All you have to do is connect your smartwatch to Wi-Fi or tether it to your smartphone or even iPhone. Once connected, simply activate the eSim feature via HUAWEI Health App, then you can simultaneously use your smartwatch and smartphone with the same mobile number – amazing, right?

Aside from the 4g eSIM, HUAWEI Watch 3 also boosts with upgrades on its sports and fitness specification that will surely provide us with more assistance, monitoring reports, and even habits and hobbies reports that could help us live a better life.

For instance, you can now monitor your skin temperature through the Skin Temperature Detector. In just a few clicks on your HUAWEI Watch 3, you can immediately know your temperature and keep track of it for the rest of day or week, or month. This development on HUAWEI Watch 3 is on top of the amazing features of HUAWEI wearables that were featured in the previous smartwatches including the Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate monitoring mechanism, only on this version it was upgraded with the latest version of TruSeen 4.5+.

Then, there’s also the full-feature fitness tracker that provides more than 100 workout modes including 19 pro modes for indoor and outdoor sports, and 85 custom modes with automatic exercise detection for the 6 most common types of workout. Included in these sports is swimming, which made the HUAWEI Watch 3 comes in handy because of its 5 ATM water-resistant capability. This water resistance rating is perfect for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean.

All data that you’ll make will be automatically recorded on your HUAWEI Health app on your smartphone or iPhone, including superior outdoor route tracking with the multimode GNSS location sensor. And speaking of the sensor, did you know that the new HUAWEI Watch 3 has seven sensors that are set to monitor our body, our movement, and even our internal organs? These seven sensors are Acceleration Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Barometric Pressure Sensor, and Temperature Sensor.

Manageable Battery Life 
HUAWEI Watch 3 also boasts about its Ultra-long battery life. With regular usage, the battery life of this latest innovation can last up to a few days, providing you with further connectivity to your other gadgets and yourself.

Though, as compared to the previous HUAWEI wearables that I had, the HUAWEI Watch 3 falls short on battery life based on my experience. Comparing it to the HUAWEI Band 6 and HUAWEI Watch Fit that provided me a usage experience of more than 10 days, the HUAWEI Watch 3, given the capacity of information and connectivity it provides, can only last for a maximum of 3. Also, the initial charging time is quite long to fully load this smartwatch, but after that, my usual charging time is not longer than 30 minutes anymore to have it at 100% battery capacity.

The only good thing is, you can maximize its usage given its powerful features maximizing the HUAWEI ecosystem more.
Currently, the HUAWEI Watch 3 is already available in the Philippines with a retail price of PHP18,999. Some discounts are and freebies are offered from time to time, that gives you a better reason why you should have this latest smartwatch.

For further information or if you plan to purchase one, you can check out https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/wearables/watch-3.


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