#AlexReviews: HairReve Hair Rescue Thickening Serum

For years and years now, I’ve been struggling to maintain and keep my hair thick and alive. I’ve undergone so many treatments and medications to keep my crowning glory, but unfortunately, with emptying pockets and continuously loosing hair, it seems like this problem will end with no hair left on my head. I’m pretty sure that it’s not hereditary, but I’m still hopeful that with new products coming out of the market, this problem will have a solution one day that I can declare a victory. So, I say yes to HairReve!

I learned about HairReve through a friend of a friend whose husband is experiencing the same dilemma as mine. Hair problem is becoming a growing concern for mostly men age 30 and above. In my case, I started noticing my hair problem as soon as I turned 28. With my continuous use of hair products that are detrimental to my hair condition now, I can’t help but to feel regretful and feel sad on my ongoing struggle with in keeping it.

With my friend of a friend’s husband being a living proof that HairReve can help me with my problem, I let her persuaded me and gave in. I mean, I don’t have anything else to lose, right? I’m already losing so much hair.

Currently, HairReve is available online through their official website, Shopee and Lazada, as well as in various branches of Mercury Drug Store, and 100ml bottle is retailed at PHP1,400. They say that this 100ml is good for a three-month use following a spray a day instruction.
Initial Noticeable Effect
I’ve been using HairReve for almost two weeks now, and though the product says that I can only notice a visible effect after using it for at least eight weeks, I’m happy to share that it has already lessen my hair fall over the past days with no side effects or irritations.

As compared to other products that I’ve tried, I noticed that HairReve serum is friendlier to use as it doesn’t possess that strong and foul odor as well as sticky and oily feel. Thanks to its active ingredients that are mostly organic such as Larch Tree Extracts, Zinc, Green Tea Extracts, Coffee Extracts and Rosemary Extracts, its gives that floral notes, while providing me smooth liquid that I love to thoroughly massage on to my scalp.

It is said that HairReve doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that may lead to undesirable marks or stain, and so I’m happy that even if I’m wearing white of any light-colored shirts, I don’t have to worry about accidentally spraying it on my clothes.

Some may think that it looks just like some ordinary hair product, but the effects on my hair are pretty nice and smooth. My hair becomes manageable and maintains its volume even if I exposed it under the sun. The wonderful smell lasts throughout the day and I barely have dandruff caused by it.

After taking a bath in the morning, with the use of an organic shampoo, I just dried by hair with a towel and then sprayed HairReve on the areas where my hair is thinning - then massage my scalp. I’m hoping the these effects will continue, and will eventually stimulate the growth of my hair.

With every day usage, it is said that this 100ml bottle could last for two months. I just really hope this will continue to work on my favor, and I'm sure that I'll be a believer of this product in no time. Please stay tune on my blog for further updates on my use of HairReve Hair Rescue Thickening Serum.

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